So, it looks like a significant percentage of the bonus books I mailed out a few months ago never made it to their destinations. I’m not sure exactly where they ended up, but now I don’t actually have enough copies on hand to replace all the missing ones. That’s pretty awesome! I’ll be sending out what I can next week, and the rest will have to go out in a few weeks. I’ll be ordering the replacements when I place my GSQ5 order, which could be as early as Monday. But more likely the Monday after.

In personal news, I went to see the doctor today for a routine checkup. I’m officially old now, because while I’m in practically perfect health — apparently regular exercise really is good for you, who knew? — my blood pressure is so high that it’s a wonder that blood isn’t squirting through my pores every time my heart beats. This means I will now be taking medication daily to prevent my heart from suddenly exploding if I accidentally eat a stray grain of salt. This, of course, is the first step to owning one of those little seven-chamber plastic pill cases with drugs neatly sorted in advance for each day of the week. It’s so exciting to be a grownup.

I’m pretty baffled about why I have such dangerously high blood pressure. You’d think the fact that I spend every waking moment of my life working hard and anxious about finances, responsibilities, and obligations would mean I’d be too exhausted to be tense.

9 thoughts on “Echolocated

  1. I dare say you might be training your body into associating a level of stress with a state of equilibrium.

    Stiff upper lip, Mr. Parish. I shall keep my faith in you.

  2. Constant stress can do all kinds of dangerous things to your body (and mind) as you get older. Like, take the most laid-back person in existence and suddenly and unexpectedly make them subject to daily panic attacks for no reason. *raises hand*

    I’ll be sending my positive thoughts your way sir.

  3. It’s always refreshing to see someone face certain death with a sense of humor… I mean, don’t worry, you’ll get better!

    A few months ago, a friend of mine found out he had some kind of heart problem. I’ll tell you what I told him: everybody has some kind of serious disease that can all of a sudden take their lives. The thing is, some people have already found out about it, and others will eventually :)

  4. Fortunately, keeping a stiff upper lip won’t be difficult for me. My high blood pressure makes my entire body rigid and inflexible, like a slab of concrete.

  5. Eh, don’t make TOO big of a deal about it. I was told I had higher than normal cholesterol levels, and to watch what I eat a little better; a year later, I was perfect again. If you’re committed to it, you can take care of your body, easy. (And already having regular exercise is a huge advantage.)

  6. @parish
    Sorry to hear about your situation; sounds like you caught it early, though.

    @Calorie Mate
    On the other hand, my problem is that my HDL has been consistently too low (like around 35) for at least the past five years. Last year, one of the visiting health counselors at work suggested that I try drinking more often! The annual health screening is next month, so I’ll soon find out how my cider-or-two-a-day regimen pans out. It’s been delicious and fun so far!

  7. Is it just a genetic thing? I think my mom has the same problem, despite living a really healthy lifestyle. Runs on her side of the family, apparently.

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