Speaking of books…

GameSpite Quarterly 5 has arrived in proof form. That’s great!

But I forgot to take into account that a 440-page book is going to open rather less freely and fully than a volume half its size. That’s the opposite of great! It means GameSpite Quarterly 5 has issues. Namely, its inner gutter is set far too close to the edge to the page, making everything feel crowded. It’s issue four all over again! Gah. Now to revise the layout of four-hundred and forty freaking pages.

Good thing production is running ahead of schedule, huh?

4 thoughts on “Speaking of books…

  1. well, I have to catch up on all the previous quarterlys first anyway, so no need to hurry :) (just got my two Year One volumes today = very happy customer so far!)

  2. Yikes. Sorry to hear but can relate. Regardless, really looking forward to this one when it’s finished. At least all of your hard work will be appreciated by everyone.

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