This terrified me

You’re minding your own business, playing a preview build of an upcoming game — in this case, Etrian Odyssey III — when suddenly out of the blue, BAM!

Claw Shrimp!

And this is only the second floor of the labyrinth. I shudder to imagine what lay further below.

13 thoughts on “This terrified me

  1. Once a week, the fleshreaper flies from guildhouse to guildhouse collecting adventurers torsos. Only way to prevent this is by crafting Merch merch in Shilleka’s shop…

  2. The fact that this is still more than two months off for the rest of us would drive me insane if I didn’t just get Dragon Quest IX.

  3. I approve of these shotouts.

    Now if only this game were to get a strategy guide. Heck, I wouldn’t mind one for the entire trilogy. #whenpigsfly

  4. How do you get such clear shots of your DS screen? I’ve tried before and they look terrible.

  5. I use an advanced photographic device called the iPhone 3GS. Yes, that is a cell phone photo.

  6. Nicolai: try “macro” or “closeup” mode, if you have it. Most proper cameras should, by now, and any phone with an autofocus lens.
    If not, and your phone lacks the arcane technology somehow contained within the iPhone (one thing I’m truly impressed/baffled by is it’s covers-all-bases fixed focus lens), it may be time for an upgrade. Particularly if it’s a standalone camera suffering that problem, because I’m not a big spender but I still haven’t had a camera without macro for about the last 10 years… it’s endlessly useful.

  7. I actually was going to reveal my envy for Jeremy’s DS Screenshots too. tahrey’s suggestion of using the “close up” feature worked wonders for me. Thanks.

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