Dragon Quest progress update

I’ve somehow inadvertently created in Dragon Quest IX the closest thing possible to a Final Fantasy-style black mage. I think that means I won?

22 thoughts on “Dragon Quest progress update

  1. HEY EVERYONE, Parish’s avatar is wearing a dress! A Flowing Dress, at that! What a girly man!

    It’s not like I’ve ever done that.

    …no, sir…

    It was for the defense rating, alright?!

    (By the way, how much of a timesink do you think DQ IX is going to be? 50 hours? 100? More? Strangely enough, I bought a DS a few years ago for this game but am considering NOT getting it because of its open-ended, multiplayer nature. Not saying that doesn’t sound fun, just saying it sounds like TOO much fun. That sounds crazy, I know)

  2. Everyone knows Parish always plays female avatars because Battle Angel Alita was amazing.

  3. @someone … etc.: I think it’s been said that the “main” game is only about 30-40 hours long. However the new content does add a lot, I’d imagine.

    @parish: Quick question about the DLC. If you miss a week of DLC is it gone for ever or do they keep it in the “store” or whatever they are using to allow people to access it? Just curious if I’ll need to plug this game in each week to get the DLC or if I can miss a week or two and comeback and get what I missed.

  4. That’s not my player avatar, that’s just one of the randoms I rolled to flesh out my party. And, actually, it seems like female characters do have more exclusive gear than male characters. Of course a lot of it is for trashy sex appeal, so the actual utility of female-only gear is probably on par with that of males.

    I haven’t quite finished the main quest and my clock rolled over 60 hours yesterday. Probably 10-15 of that has been spent on alchemy and extra quests, but the main quest is still pretty substantial.

    The main DLC (52 unlockable quests and extra guest characters) is actually just Square Enix unlocking content that’s already on the carts. Daily shop data is missable, but I suspect everything rolls around in the fullness of time. The rest is peer-to-peer treasure maps, which is pretty much luck of the draw.

  5. How come Squeenix never did a Dragon Quest x Final fantasy game? A Dragon Fantasy? Or a Final Quest? Nah Dragon Fantasy sounds better.

  6. I just hope that younger people will figure out how to use tag mode. It’d certainly make getting a bunch of maps easier (say, if I’m in a McDonalds or something). So does your file start out with 1 Treasure Map?

  7. You don’t start with a treasure map, but they’re handed out as rewards for clearing certain quests.

  8. Wimminfolk get extra equipment in just about every Draque. It’s, like, affirmative action or something.

  9. Affirmative action usually doesn’t involve fishnet stockings and bunny ears… although sometimes it does and results in really creepy fanart.

  10. @parish about DLC: Well at least their not trying to charge you for content already on the cart.

    As for treasure maps I see my self never ever getting any, but that’s okay. Even though I’m still bitter about not being able to do the bonus dungeons in FFIIIdS. Oh well.

    @those discussing costumes: In DQ8 I honestly don’t recall if the “outfits” did anything for Jesse. I have forgotten if the outfits stay on her during cutscenes, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Else the one with the Hero’s Uncle and crappy cousin would have been Hi-frigging-larious;).

  11. Wait. Dragon Quest, the game that’s most defining characteristic is its mainstream appeal is a game for people who buy used panties, but Persona 3, the game that is an actual anime dating sim, isn’t? Is that what you’re saying?

    As a master troll, I feel confident in saying your trolling just isn’t up to par.

  12. Could someone help me out and activate my talking time account?

    On topic, I am excited to pick up this game and carry it around all day in tag mode. Curse my decision to buy an XL and try to uncomfortably fit it into my pocket.

  13. DQVIII was the only DQ game I could get through. I find them to be too daunting or something. I need to set aside some time to properly play this game so I don’t get distracted and just quit all together.

  14. Do you mean without putting anyone in the warrior class? Well, I’m at the final boss and haven’t used a warrior for a single battle yet, so yes.

  15. I’m eagerly awaiting this new game, despite having missed 5 through 8. I am one of the 3 people that actually bought the first game in the store back when it came out after seeing it repeatedly show up in the Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter. I never got around to playing II until the I & II Gameboy remake (which I thought was excellent). Dragon Quest III on Gameboy color soon after became part of my collection, and I enjoyed that as well. I am currently playing through IV on the DS, and have V waiting on the shelf.

    Once IX hits, is there any reason to wait to play it until after I finish the earlier games, or should I just jump head long into it? I recall some of the earlier games having callbacks to earlier games in the series, but so far IV has doesn’t seem to.

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