E3 omake

I made good on my intention to sketch a bunch of different cartoon takes on E3 last week, but I’m sad to say I never found a use for this one. The image is certainly heavy-handed enough to get its point across — mocking the industry’s lemming-like rush to follow the unwanted trends of motion controls and 3D visuals — but despite its shortcomings the 3DS did such a good job of making 3D a compelling sale that it took the wind out of my snark. Sails. My snark sails. Yes.

Anyway, lemmings and stuff. Hilarious!

12 thoughts on “E3 omake

  1. Well, that Lemming’s Move wand and 3D glasses may indeed go off the cliff if they don’t improve their game against the Wii and 3DS, respectively. So you were fairly on target.

    Movie actors wear contacts and drive ragtops so you can see their eyes. Normal people want to do the same.

  2. To be honest, seems more of a hate against the PS3 Move than the 3DS. Besides the obvious “It’s 3D!”, don’t really see too much reminiscent of the 3DS? The PS3 Move has 3D glasses (which would make playing Lemmings really hard), and obviously, the move controller.

  3. I feel like I must be the only person who actually *wants* Move. To me, the idea of games that could play like Metroid Prime 3, but look like current gen games, with current gen physics and effects is very appealing. How much more enticing might Skyward Sword be if it was able to support things like destructible environments and terrain deformation? Except for the lack of innovation from Nintendo’s in-house developers, Move seems like the best of both worlds to me. Sorcery alone is almost enough to sell me the peripheral.

  4. Sorcery looks like a generic and bland Harry Potter ripoff. If it didn’t use the new Move technology, noone would’ve cared about it.

  5. @Refa

    Well isn’t that the appeal of it? That motion control can make a mundane game more interesting by making it easier to play? My personal favorite motion-controlled game is the airplane mini game in wii sport resort because the motion+ makes controlling the plane much more easier than an analog stick.

    In a sense, the same can be said about why 3D platformers were much easier to control on the N64 than on the ps1 (well untill the dual shock was released) because of the analog stick.

  6. No, actually I’d rather have already interesting game concepts be made better. Although tbh, I think motion control is kinda lame and rarely, if ever works. Not saying it can’t get better, but with Sony releasing an overpriced peripheral four years in the console’s life, who the hell is going to actually develop good software for this thing? It’s just like the EyeToy all over again…

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