GSQ4: Welcome to the Neverhood

The Neverhood: Quirk, Strangeness, and Charm
Hey guys, remember GameSpite Quarterly? Yeah. I’m gonna wrap up posting the most recent issue as we move into the next. Today we have Mike Zeller’s look at The Neverhood, a game that always made me regret not owning a PC back in the day. The title of this article is a skewed reference to Hawkwind, but please don’t hold my poor judgement against this fine write-up.
In a totally random coincidence, Ray stuck a Neverhood tune in today’s episode of Sound Test. This means you are obligated to listen to it.

2 thoughts on “GSQ4: Welcome to the Neverhood

  1. Probably my second favourite VG OST. Along with Chrono Cross (which takes out top honours), it seems my favourite game music comes from games I’ve never played…

  2. I never played this game, nor have I heard of it. This looks so much more sophisticated than Claymates and Clay Fighter.

    Thanks for posting this. I love the character designs and the lighting.

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