Now printing: GameSpite Year One, Vol. 2

It’s a couple of weeks late, but the second print volume of collected GameSpite articles is now up online for sale at Blurb. It’s available in both paperback and hardcover formats. Unlike with the Quarterlies, though, the only difference between the two editions is that the hardcover edition has a much nicer cover and a dust jacket. Otherwise, they’re the exact same 352 of compiled writings. Technically this makes it two pages shorter than Year One, Vol. 1, but the fact is that the new book has far more content since I’ve switched over to PDF format, allowing me to work with much denser text and use the full expanse of the page (Blurb’s BookSmart program forces ridiculously huge page margins and needlessly expansive leading on users, presumably to pad page count).

In addition to the other half of the GameSpite articles form 2007-2008 which weren’t collected in the first book, this volume also includes a ton of older archived articles on Mega Man and Metroid, culled from more than a decade of site archives, as part of fairly expansive sections on those two series. Many of the older articles aren’t readily available online, and in dredging them from my hard drive I’ve taken this opportunity to do some surgery on them so they’re better reads than they were ten years ago. I ended up scrapping one article altogether at the last moment, because it was irredeemably annoying. So, now I can say with confidence that this book is brimming with Good Stuff.

The paperback edition is $21 (more than the Quarterlies, but $2 less than Year One, Vol. 1) while the hardcover is $40 (a whole lot less than the limited run of Year One, Vol. 1 hardcovers sold for). This is in stark defiance of the upward trends of costs in modern America. I plan to offset this with extensive paid DLC, including three new maps and a set of horse armor. I’m not sure how those will work with a book, exactly, but I’ll figure something out.

Anyway, it looks like Blurb will be down for part of this morning, which is awesome timing. And I’m sure this will be completely lost in the E3 hubbub. But hey, it’s a book. Yup.

13 thoughts on “Now printing: GameSpite Year One, Vol. 2

  1. Maybe you should upload the books so they are missing the last page of each article. Then you can make a separate book for those pages and sell them separately. (that was a joke for those that don’t get the sarcasm)

  2. Coupon code is giving me this message…

    Sorry, this promotion cannot be be applied to books you did not author.
    Sorry, your product total does not meet the minimum amount required for this promotion.

  3. If history has taught us anything, its that trying to redeem a Blurb coupon will just end up making you try to kill yourself with a hammer. (It’s almost like they don’t want to cough up any more money than they have to, or something.)

  4. I think I may wait to purchase until the next Quarterly comes out, so I can bundle shipping. Every time I jump the gun a free shipping coupon hits a couple days later. You can’t trick me this time, Blurb. Not this time.

  5. Man, you should have had that a week ago. Maybe I didn’t update your address correctly?

  6. I don’t know. I just checked the email i sent when you put out the call for updated addresses, and it’s correct on my end.

  7. Book just arrived today and I am very impressed with the layout. Much improved over the old Blurb standard format.

  8. Wow, it looks so much nicer than the previous editions… atlesat from the preview.

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to import the hardcover right now :(

    One day…

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