Cooking up something strange

The world’s first-ever (and presumably only-ever!) 1UP/BakeSpite collaborative project is live and online. Annoyed as people get when I write about videogames, I figure it’s gonna pale next to the hateful remarks that people will lob in the direction of an article that has practically nothing whatsoever to do about games.

I’m actually a little bemused that this article appeared on 1UP to begin with. When I agreed to it, I figured it should probably be reserved for BakeSpite, because Nintendo provided the food and I wanted to avoid the inevitable “lol moneyhats” nonsense. Also, because (as previously mentioned) it’s pretty much just about cooking, and has very little to do with gaming. But, Sam wanted it to be a 1UP piece. So there it is.

I suppose if this article is a huge hit, we’ll be writing about food far more often! But since that won’t actually be the case, chances are good that this is simply a bizarre anomaly. I encourage you to check it out, because I doubt we’ll ever run another feature even vaguely similar to this.

6 thoughts on “Cooking up something strange

  1. How dare you give ATK:LGC anything less than A++!? This is Nintendo’s best game/FPS (food preparation service) since Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom!!!

    Just kidding. Loved the article, and hope for more like it. Thanks.

  2. I can attest to how delicious the tarragon chicken turned out since we got to enjoy that particular dish. I need you guys to send me a copy of the recipe.

  3. I really enjoyed this feature, and imagine it should connect well with the audience that Nintendo is gunning this recipe assistant towards. Not expert chefs, but folks that play games and are still learning the ins and outs of their kitchen.

    How large is this market? You never know until you start writing to them.

  4. This review is kind of disappointing, given that the hands-free nature is what appealed to me in the first place. Still, it’s on sale at amazon right now and is about half the price of a year’s subscription to their website (or sweet magazine with hand drawn vegetable illustrations). You didn’t comment about the loudness of the DS speakers, so I’ll assume that hearing the instructions isn’t too big of an issue.

    I weep for your bruschetta. Oh, and congrats on getting that mixer!

  5. You’re not making the Alton Brown comparisons any harder to make, you know.

  6. New Games Journalism or something! But I don’t get the misgivings; although I’m sure it was fun to write and felt like an indulgence, the article is tightly focused with the clear purpose of describing and evaluating a Nintendo product.

    I’m a big fan of the “drop biscuits onto filling” approach for both dessert cobblers/pies and for pot-pie style entrees. Tastes way better than a standard pie crust, which tend to be boring.

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