So… it looks like today is Mega Man day.

First, my morning RSS trawl inspires a look at the tragic disparity in quality between American Mega Man products and Japanese Rockman goods. Then, Capcom stops by and leaves a build of Mega Man Zero Collection with me for preview purposes. And then shortly after I posted that last piece, this piece of headwear showed up in the mail:

I’m not sure what powers decided I should be graced with so much Mega Man-themed material today, but I guess I won’t complain. After spending a few days assembling dozens and dozens of pages worth of old Mega Man reviews for Year One, Vol. 2, it just seems kind of inevitable.

Special thanks to Another Castle on Etsy for hooking me up with this small bit of radness! And sorry about the awful webcam picture of myself, but I didn’t have a fashion dummy to model it for me.

15 thoughts on “So… it looks like today is Mega Man day.

  1. Between the shirt, knit cap, glasses, and, uh, your job in general, I find myself thinking (not for the first time, and probably not for the last time): man, I wish my life were way cooler than it is.

  2. Really hope you like the Rockman Zero Collection. That game flew SO under the radar of even self-professed diehard Mega Man fans it’s a crime. It definitely needs some rep.

  3. I love the hat dude. Too bad it isn’t big enough to completely hide you so that you can ambush any dudes in blue that happen to walk by.

  4. Wish that was a preorder bonus. :) You know, like the Klonoa hat that came with the Wii remake. I still wish I had preordered that game…

  5. Between this and your Blue Bomber cap, I start imagining a world where everyone’s face is a Mega Man 1UP. Kinda like Aphex Twin “Come To Daddy” but more chiptune-style.

  6. What’s this now? Mega Man Zero at non-soul-crushing difficulty? I might actually have to give that a look.

  7. I have no idea what’s on your shirt but it looks like a Wooper in a chef hat and I’m okay believing that’s what it actually is.

  8. @R2: It’s better than that, actually. It’s Chef Chthulu barbecuing the world.

  9. I’m really interested in who made the frames for your glasses? I like the cut of their jib… or something…

    Apparently this post was secretly about Parish’s fashion-sense

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