Still slogging my way uphill

Literally uphill, in fact, as I took a lengthy walk this morning to see if I could earn redemption from the mortal sin that is Beard Papa. I’ve lived in my current apartment for three years but until now have never really explored the neighborhood behind us. Today, I learned that behind my house is a very, very hilly area with lots of twisting roads that lead absolutely nowhere, and also a great many staircases inset into the sides of the hills.

And when I got home, here’s what was waiting for me:

Photo by Jeremy

Sweet rolls in the making. Hey, no problem, I thought; I don’t really like sweet rolls. These’ll be no problem to resist.

Then Cat took them out of the oven and I remembered the dark reality of her baking: She has a strange ability to bake dishes I normally hate in a way that I somehow love. And sadly (or… not sadly, really) these are no different. Soft, doughy, slightly sweet but not cloyingly so… basically the perfect sweet roll.

Photo by Cat

Golden brown, too. I don’t know how she does this, making it so hard to stay away from foods I feel like I should really not want, but it’s kind of infuriating! But my mouth is too happy for me to be able to complain. I think… it’s time I surrender.

One thought on “Still slogging my way uphill

  1. Those looks marvelous. Cat is turning into quite the baker. When are you going to blog our dinner at Bouchon and the tarragon chicken you two fixed?

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