GSQ4: Taisen sphere

Super Robot Taisen: For the Love of Giant Robots
Do you like robots? Really big robots, possibly built with a creamy human filling? Of course, technically a robot isn’t really a robot when it lacks autonomous functions and requires a pilot, but you try pointing out that distinction to a dude whose “robot” is a few kilometers tall and has aircraft carriers for arms. Yeah, not feeling so brave now, are you, Mr. Nitpicker? Typical.

5 thoughts on “GSQ4: Taisen sphere

  1. Thank You! I’m glad someone finally pointed out the difference between robots and giant mechanical humanoid war vehicles.

  2. Well, a lot of the big-shots of the genre do refer to them as, say, “Mobile Suits” and the like, so it’s not like everyone gets it wrong. And some of the really old-school ones are semi-autonomous, or at least display suspiciously sophisticated behavior when being guided only by a simple remote control.

  3. Guess who’s got two thumbs and now has the King Gainer theme stuck in his head? It’s this guy!

    /does the monkey.

  4. The argument that squads decreases your ability to use your favourite characters is kind of silly. Especially since in the earlier games if you weren’t a Newtype or Daitarn 3 you were dead weight. There is no reason Katz can’t lead a squad of Kouji, Amuro, and Kira if you really like Katz for some insane reason. Modern games make it /easier/ to use less-powerful characters through general buffing of mechs and PP, not harder.

  5. Like Kirin said, I think it’s a minority that actually call them robots anymore: gundams, mobile suits, zords, guymalefs, Eva units, gunmen, etc.

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