My Uphill Battle, Pt. 2

OK, so after all my lamentations and protestations about watching my weight, I get home and she’s made donuts, of all things!?

Photo by Cat.

We need to have a talk. I mean, I don’t even like donuts, and these are fantastic. This isn’t good at all.

The only solution… is to pawn these off on my coworkers. Next time you see the 1UP crew on video and everyone has an extra chin, you’ll know who to blame.

5 thoughts on “My Uphill Battle, Pt. 2

  1. It’s a shame that they need to be consumed quickly. And that any point at which they can be stored is made moot by the fact that the frying is the part that near requires larger batches.

  2. Pawning sweet baked goods off on your co-workers is the ultimate way to enjoy baking without the negative side effect of gaining weight.

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