Food, folks, possibly fun

After two and a half months of laying fallow, BakeSpite has seen no less than six posts today. Apparently Cat was just waiting for me to write something, at which point she pounced. So, if you like seeing amateur writing and professional photography involving food, I guess today is your lucky day.

In considerably less happy news, my suspicions about that bus accident yesterday were tragically accurate. Worse, there was a second MUNI fatality in as many days as someone fell onto the train tracks tonight. I’m feeling fairly concerned about my status as an active pedestrian in this city; it’s starting to feel like L.A. around here, or something.

5 thoughts on “Food, folks, possibly fun

  1. Spread the “love”. I’m starting a diet soon, and seeing Cat’s delicious donuts and cheesecakes won’t make my life any easier either :)

  2. The comment section on the previous entry seems to be broken. How am I supposed to rage about how “symmetry” doesn’t even approximate rhyming with “eye”?

  3. I’m trying to lose the name “phatslo” and then i had to go to bakespite. Donuts and cheesecake. If any of you hear a story on the news about a guy in New Jersey blowing up their house trying to make donuts, its me. So then you can all cheer enthusiastically.

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