GSQ4: Final Fantasy XI and the horrible, awful, no-good pun title

Final Fantasy XI: A Linkshell to the Past
OK, now I cop to the fact that the vast majority of article titles in GameSpite Quarterly 4 are in fact terrible puns, and that this is my own fault. But what I have inflicted upon this poor article is utterly reprehensible, and I apologize deeply. Please do not hold my poor judgment against this article, which is in fact quite good despite the grim burden with which I have afflicted it.

9 thoughts on “GSQ4: Final Fantasy XI and the horrible, awful, no-good pun title

  1. This game is infuriating in so many ways, but I too have plenty of fond memories. Nice article.

  2. The pun is especially bad when you consider that A Link to the Past is itself a pun. XP

  3. Don’t be ashamed, terrible puns are the best kind of puns. Truly the highest form of communication.

  4. A nice article. As a five-year veteran of FFXI who recently retired from the game, it made me feel very nostalgic for my time in Vana’diel.

  5. …and yet, the pun works! I only strolled around Vana’diel for a few months in 2008, but it was the furthest I’d ever got in an MMO, level 24. I’m just hoping Final Fantasy XIV is even more solo-friendly, and takes even more Final Fantasy ideas.

    Still sorta wish they made a Final Fantasy VI world based MMO, but I’ve made peace with the idea that that’s not the sort of direction they’re ever going to go.

  6. Hey, I see me! :D
    Man after reading this, seeing the other pictures you post, and knowing that FF 14 is on its way I wonder if I will be too busy next year to play it.

  7. Shellshock – Linkshell is FFXI’s version of guilds. A Link to the Past is the name of the SNES Zelda. The protagonist of the Zelda games is named Link. So, as Calitar pointed out, Parish actually achieved the the task of -layering- a pun over another pun.

    Johnny – I’m just glad Nomura didn’t have anything to do with XI. Given the diversity of the FF worlds, I think XI turned out to be pretty good. It could have been all anime-neon like FFVIII, or that strange mix found in FFVII, or the plain DnD ripoff of FFI, or the bright primary, watery world of FFX. I’d say the closest equivalent to Vana’diel would be FFIX’s world, kinda sorta somewhat. I think if SE were to make an MMO based on a previous FF world, my first choice would definitely be Ivalice. Matsuno MMO anyone?

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