When life gives you crap, make crap-ade

Hey dudes, remember me? In better days, I update this site. Normally on a daily basis! But I’m kind of taking the week off. I hope you’ll indulge me.

See, about a year ago, my fiancée and I decided that we should totally get married on April 10, 2010. This plan was in effect right up until sometime last September, at which point she became incredibly ill while working on the road and was let go from her job since her photography is physically demanding and requires someone in perfect health. Her employer was not the understanding sort, and since she was simply a contractor there wasn’t much she could do about it.

The last six months have been pretty tough for us, because I’ve been working just about every waking moment in order to support us; San Francisco, you see, is a very expensive place for two people to live on one person’s gaming press salary. Expensive enough that we had to postpone the wedding indefinitely, until such a time as she can find another job and we can dig ourselves out of the hole that we’re currently in.

Cheerful story, huh? Anyway, under happier circumstances I’d be getting married in a few days. Under real-world circumstances, I’m not. But my family had already bought tickets to San Francisco for this week, so I decided to take the week off from work and hang out with them so as not to stew in my sense of frustration. Normal updates will resume next week, when I am feeling less bitter about life.