And every day the paperboy brings more

I really appreciate that the members of Talking Time got together this year and decided to make a concerted effort to ensure April 1 would not be a complete travesty. In fact, it is quite the opposite thanks to the debut of no less than three different promising NES-era Let’s Play efforts. As they say in Weekly Famitsu promo banners from 1984, エキサイチングだぜ!!

Look, here’s Octopus Prime battling the fake apocalypse in Crystalis. And over here is TheSL fighting the good fight against the economy by pursuing multiple jobs in Final Fantasy III. And, perhaps most importantly, Brickroad is taking yet another stab at the original Final Fantasy… this time within rather foolish self-imposed parameters. Stick around for the shocking plot twist!

Of course, there are many other Let’s Play efforts underway. These three simply represent a concentrated dose of mind-blowing radness.

In other awesome news, I learned today that Yasumi Matsuno has a Twitter account. Of course, I can only read little snippets of what he writes, but a whole bunch of his posts obviously concern Queen. So, yeah, that’s kind of great.

5 thoughts on “And every day the paperboy brings more

  1. I had exactly the same thought about the influx of new LPs today. It was the perfect antidote for the most annoying day of the year.

  2. Are you going to be downloading Ogre Battle 64? Do you recommend people should download it? I know it’s a good game, I’m just wondering how accessible it is. Because you won’t be doing another Retronauts for like 2 weeks, right?

  3. Speaking of the forums, there’s an Ogre Battle 64 thread going on in the Fun Club sub-forum right now, so you could probably find lots of opinions in there.

  4. “I’m so excited?” If you have copies of Weekly Famitsu from 1984 just lying around, please share with the rest of the class.

  5. OK. If you can stand to play the original Ogre Battle at all, you need to play 64. It’s largely the same thing, but as you are now encouraged to have a mix of good and evil units, it is far far easier to actually shoot for the good ending.

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