GSQ4: Chaos in the windy Megaten

Shin Megami Tensei: Law, Chaos, and the American Way
Hey dudes, I hear tell there’s a new Megaten game out today. I also hear it’s the best RPG of the month! (I heard this from a guy named “me.”) So: Here today for your delectation is a piece from GameSpite Quarterly 4 called “SMT: Law, Chaos, and the American Way” by new contributor Cole Lastie. It may spoil Strange Journey a bit, but it’s totally worth it.

3 thoughts on “GSQ4: Chaos in the windy Megaten

  1. Interesting read, even though I have some quibbles with some of the religious subtext. It’s always a bit weird to see Japanese developers try to tackle things like this. In the area of Christianity, they almost always get it wrong.

    Anyway, I’m not sure how “religiously neutral” most scientists are today. While I work with many believers in various faiths, it seems that the atheistic / agnostic ones are the most vocal, perhaps leading to this sentiment. Certainly, many of the greatest scientists in the world were believers in some faith. Many of them were Christian.

    Fun, thought-provoking stuff, though.

  2. I think that assuming a scientist from the USSR is an atheist is playing the percentages, just like assuming Jiminez is a Catholic. Mr. Lastie is just bringing to light what many people would subconciously assume while playing the game. Sure, it seems like the game might be counting on its players to have some stereotypes built into their brains, and this is quite reasonable.

  3. True. A scientist from the USSR would probably not be a person of faith. It’s always fun to play around with expectations. While stereotypes (sometimes) exist for a reason, characters that buck the trend are more interesting.

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