GSQ4: MegaTiny

Persona 4: Thinking Small
You know me. I’m all about the synergy. I spend weekends proactively synergizing my paradigms. So, with Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey due out in a couple of days (p.s., you really should pick up a copy), I figured now would be a good time to post the SMT-related bits of GameSpite Quarterly 4. It’s fun, this pretense of being relevant.

3 thoughts on “GSQ4: MegaTiny

  1. A great small review of a wonderful game, what you said reflects what I have seen in a lot of Atlus games over the past few years. Etrian Odyssey and Persona both go for a lower graphic style and worry more about making exploration easier to navigate or focus on a small town area as your review said. My wish is that other devs would learn from Atlus in how they hammer out the gameplay/exploration/story to be solid before visuals.

  2. Funny thing is, Final Fantasy XIII ignores scope altogether, or at least for the first 5 or so chapters where I currently am (I’ve heard of Grand Pulse, but besides that). There are no towns and such, and the game is more a straight run through with little breaks. I’ll have to play Persona 4, but in the meantime, I do have a copy of Strange Journey reserved. I did love Devil Survivor, because that game was awesome. Dunno about how I feel about the Etrian Odyssey influences, because Etrian Odyssey was way too hard and grindy for me (no offence to the fans). Apparently it’s more like Nocturne though, so that should be fine by me.

  3. I mention this all the time, but I find that mechanically the most unusual thing about Persona 4 is that the amounts of money dropped by enemies don’t increase much over the course of the game, even as the cost of shopping from Margaret and Daidara does. In other words, the way you make money is by working, which is just the sort of painfully intuitive thing you never expect to see in an RPG.

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