GSQ3: The O.G.s (ordinal Gs) of gaming

Well, I’m probably stretching the definition of the word “ordinal” here, but today’s entries are an ordered set! So I guess I’m not technically wrong. Just wrong in spirit. Anyway! This post fills in a bit more of the missing content backlog from GameSpite Quarterly 3. I’m sorry to say that two-thirds of the content here was written by me due to sheer random clustering. Try not to hold this against the book as a whole.

  • The G-6155 Interceptor is technically the protagonist of the Spy Hunter series. Sadly, Hollywood decided to make The Rock the main character for the movies. In my opinion, the 8-bit car did a much better job of emoting.
  • Gilgamesh from Tower of Druaga was a late entry to the book; as such, I was a little loopy, so this particular entry strays into some rather oblique side-references. Collect them all!
  • The Guardian (of The Guardian Legend), on the other hand, was given a far more straightforward entry. It basically revolves around “LOL bewbs” jokes. I’d make a comment about low-hanging fruit, but given the context that would sound far filthier than I intended. Anyway, I’m sorry that this entry is probably the closest the world will ever come to a Guardian Legend revival.

11 thoughts on “GSQ3: The O.G.s (ordinal Gs) of gaming

  1. While it’s certainly not a revival, the GBA game, Sigma Star Saga, plays very similarly to The Guardian Legend, so there’s always that.

  2. I thought The Rock was off Spy Hunter now?

    Also, it makes me sad he’s sliding back to being credited as “The Rock”. He’d successfully made the transition from The Rock -> Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson -> Dwayne Johnson, but alas, maybe that wasn’t such a permanent thing.

  3. Oddly enough, I think the Guardian Legend bit is one of the better entries in the book. Mainly because it’s so darn unexpected after reading your other entries up to that point.

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