GSQ4: Because you just can’t enough of that there Mega Man 10

Alternate Bosses for Mega Man 10
Philip “Loki” Armstrong provides for us another of his fine retrogaming-flavored comics, this time focusing on what could have been with Mega Man 10. Yes, coming up with Whatever-Man joke robot masters is an old and fairly tired videogame nerd meme, but these are different. These are written and drawn by Loki, and therefore they are rad.

17 thoughts on “GSQ4: Because you just can’t enough of that there Mega Man 10

  1. Hope you remembered up bump up the bandwidth. Once this finds its way onto GoNintendo you’re gonna get hammered.

  2. I always thought the real joke with Sheep Man was that he was an intentional translation goof; he’s really a fluffy storm cloud, hence the lightning-based attacks.

  3. I’m pretty sure the Philip K. Dick reference theory is correct, given the data and computer metaphor-related nature of his stage.

  4. I would definitely play a Mega Man game with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Man. That would be pretty awesome, actually.

  5. Some of these are.. really rather good, conceptually. I think the whole literary shtick would work better as an X/Maverick thing, though. Unless Wily decided to take over a robo theme park or something (Mega Man 11?!).

  6. Sheep Man’s theme is called “Cybersheep’s Dream”, which pretty much confirms the reference.

  7. Damn. Both of those are bits of info I didn’t have immediate access to, but that’s what I get for expecting anything resembling subtle humor from a Mega Man game.

  8. HA HA, “ASS BEAM”. (That actually, sincerely made me laugh out loud.) I guess it’s better than The Donkey Punch.

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