Etrian Odyssey III will be the end of me

I’ve made it to the bit in Final Fantasy XIII where the game opens up and I have to run around a vast, open, interconnected series of areas hunting marks. Basically, it just turned into Final Fantasy XII. I am being forced to stay home today and do nothing but play this game. So, you know, sometimes this ridiculous job of mine is pretty OK! And now I can begin looking forward to my next addictions.

This may sound strange, but there’s a small, sane part of me that kind of hopes Atlus doesn’t localize Sekaiju No Meikyuu III into Etrian Odyssey III. I mean, I’m champing at the bit to play the game, yeah. But that’s kind of the problem. I estimate I sank 100 hours or more into the first two games — that’s apiece, not cumulatively — and everything I’ve read about EOIII looks like it has the potential to ruin me.

Right, so there’s mapping of dungeons. That’s to be expected. But outside of the dungeon, there’s an ocean to be explored. I am susceptible to the lure of exploration! It is my elemental weakness. So that’s not good.

I’ve read that there are ten new classes which completely remix the game’s skill system. (And someone noted some blank spaces in a class menu somewhere, leading to speculation of a few extra unlockable classes similar to the previous games’ Hexer, Ronin, and Beast.) Fine, fine, I can relearn how to build my party. But then I heard that EOIII offers multiclassing, allowing characters to train up in a secondary class for skill diversification. This brings EOIII a step closer to Final Fantasy V. A perilous step. Now I really can potentially create a party consisting of Ranma the monk and three shepherds without compromising my combat potential.

Also, I’ve read that there’ll be a significant weapon-customization element to EOIII as well. You’ll presumably have to gather dungeon (and ocean) loot to unlock new gear, but on top of that you’ll be able to add various enhancements to your equipment to boost your power and add innate elemental traits and who knows what else.

So basically, it’s Etrian Odyssey with more to explore and way more to customize. I suppose I should probably just chain my DS to my body if the game makes its way over here. At least it will save me money; I doubt I’ll need to buy another game all year. Uh, except Dragon Quest IX. Oh man, this summer is gonna be like Sophie’s Choice for me, isn’t it? Which baby do I abandon!?

P.S.: Speaking of Etrian Odyssey, the spring 2010 GameSpite subscriber bonus book is well underway. It consists of two features: A gigantic EO feature that was entirely too large to fit into GameSpite Quarterly 4 — seriously, at 30 pages long it would have bumped the price up a dollar — and a 8-10 page comic called “ToastyFrog in: Metroidvania!” I’m hoping to wrap up the comic this weekend. Please look forward to it.

20 thoughts on “Etrian Odyssey III will be the end of me

  1. So, Final Fantasy XIII turns into Final Fantasy XIII?

    Nah, I know you meant XII. Or at least I hope you did, because that would make me happy.

  2. I’ve never played the EO games, but I’m intrigued, I love a good RPG with lots of customization options. Would I be better served going back to the first EO, or just skip to EO2? Seeing as they’re both about the same price used online.

  3. EO1 has better atmosphere, EO2 has more balanced classes/abilities and better mapping tools.

  4. EO1 is the best game to play first, because if you play EO2 you can’t ever go back (or so the story goes). It also has the better narrative/atmosphere/environs/whatnot, apparently. I wouldn’t know! The first is unquestionably excellent at what it does, however. I’m chomping at the bit to get EO2, let alone this divine visitation that EO3 is shaping up to be.

  5. meant to ask. What do you mean by “Subscriber Bonus” ?
    Does that just mean that those who are forum members get a bonus, or is it like paying for a Season Pass or years worth, or Gamespites in advance ?

  6. alpha jammer: It’s for people who follow that little “Support the site! Get stuff!” button in the upper right, and then do the thing.

  7. I really hope EO3 comes soon after it’s release, after strange journey it is the game I want the most.

  8. Here’s hoping the story is as memorable as EO1. The plot with the Forest People was extremely good. Can’t wait ’till Atlus brings this State-side.

  9. So if a man were to sign up for this as of, say, this Friday, would he be too late to get in on this edition?

  10. I have the same question Syrg.

    This game seriously sounds like it will be about 200 hours long if that’s even possible.

  11. Read the FFV article and dug it; it’s one of my favs in the series as well, although I found the most fun not in “min-maxing,” or a well-rounded approach but in general jack-offery with the quirkiest skill combinations I could think of; call it Hard Mode.

    Anyways, you often make snide remarks about the Tactics Advance spinoffs assuming that the general consensus is that they suck, yet the first Advance game had mostly favorable reviews and mechanically (definitely not narratively) I thought it improved on the original because the Law system forced players to build a varied team rather than a single 5 person Death Squad, roaming enemies lended strategy to the out-of-combat play, and locking skills in weapons encouraged progressing the game rather than just grinding up superheroes at the first chance (which I couldn’t resist doing in the original Tactics).

    Anyways, you should publish a piece that details the cardinal sins of Tactics Advance so that we might join you in its mocking.

  12. Tactics Advance was a watered down version of a beloved game. It became ridiculously easy after level 12 or so. When fighting other clans, or human-ish enemies of different classes, enemies never had sub classes (enemy fighters only used fighter skills, mages only used spells) So you never fought hybrids. The clan battles were too easy and pointless.

    That said, I enjoyed it and spent 80 hours on it. Try using a Gunner with confusion shot and concentration. I just want them to make a real sequel to the original tactics.

  13. Huh. I just started FFTA2 (I loved FFT, I didn’t play FFTA), and so far it seems fine. But I’m still very early in the game… I’d be interested to hear about any high or low points in the TA games, too.

  14. Parish, a question: if I subscribe now, am I still in time to receive the aforementioned EO feature? Seeing how I plan to step into the EO franchise for the very first time with EOIII, and I probably need every last bit of help I can get?

  15. 3d dungeon crawling with a pirate class and an ocean to navigate reminds me of The Dark Spire so hard. that game is silly.

  16. wow, love the official art there. very stylish and slick. the female characters are always so cute. :3

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