GSQ3: The real slime snakey

Yeah, I dunno. Sometimes I really have to reach for a blog title pun. This is one of those unhappy instances.

This week, on GameSpite Quarterly 3 posts…

  • The Slime (myself): “But this issue was supposed to be about heroes!” you exclaim. True enough. Fortunately, slimes became heroes in Dragon Quest IV. My butt? Saved on a technicality.
  • Solid Snake (Nicola Nomali): Probably the best psychoanalysis you’re likely to see of the Solid Snake. And since this issue was about 8-bit heroes, it doesn’t even get into all that messy silliness about Les Enfants Terrible and rapidly-aging clones and whatnot.
  • Solvalou (myself): I did a lot of research into ancient cultures for this piece and can guarantee that it is 100% historically accurate and thoroughly factual.

4 thoughts on “GSQ3: The real slime snakey

  1. The Aztecs must have left the wrong schematics lying around, because the Blaster and Zapper functions in the article are reversed.

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