GSQ3: Coming to vipe your vindows

A significant portion of the articles for GameSpite Quarterly 4 have been submitted already, and the remainder will be in next week. So I guess I really need to get serious about posting content from GSQ3, huh? Yipe. Turns out these little bite-sized articles are a lot more time-consuming to post than the larger counterparts. This third issue really is gonna be the death of me.

  • Vic Viper (Ben Elgin): There’s a great deal of Gradius redundancy in this issue, which is my fault; I scheduled perhaps a few too many articles about “characters” from a series with none to speak of. But at the very least, everyone knows the Vic Viper.
  • The Wanderer (Matt Cramp): I have a soft spot for Faxanadu, but this article kind of makes me question that. Apparently its hero is kind of a jerk!
  • Wario (John Berger): Wario is also a jerk, but that’s kind of the point, so in this case the jerkiness is quite alright.

5 thoughts on “GSQ3: Coming to vipe your vindows

  1. Remember when Richard Garriott fought along side the Vic Viper in that one Gradius game that wasn’t named Gradius?

    Man, thems were the days.

  2. James Burton is a very important figure in gaming lore. Why, without him, the…uh…

    Look, someone‘s gotta justify the Vic’s lemony cockpit.

  3. Vic Viper’s entry is depressing.

    Freakin’ Transformers and Macross, spoiling kids these days.

  4. Speaking of spoilers, I suppose I’ll go ahead and mention for those who missed it that the end of the Vic review is an oblique reference to Zone of Enders 2. (And also the ending of Gradius III, of course.)

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