Not what he says on the tin

Guys, this is Mega Man 10‘s Commando Man.

Does anyone else find it weird that someone with the name “commando” appears to be wearing a pair of tighty-whiteys? Dr. Wily isn’t living up to his promises. I guess he just lacks the…

…well, yeah. Obviously.

11 thoughts on “Not what he says on the tin

  1. … I’m actually quite happy they didn’t let this guy go commando style. I’m just not at a point in my life where I’m ready to witness such features as robotic ‘unmentionables’.

  2. What I find more disturbing is that he is obviously Napalm Man painted green. It’s Megaman 5 all over again!! RUUUUUN

  3. Dammit Parish, you’re reminding me how disappointed I was that Flash Man didn’t wear a trenchcoat and expose himself to freeze Mega Man! Or how Crash Man’s attack isn’t crashing a car into things and sending his robot body flying into Mega’s. Or how Toad Man summons rain instead of peeing on you if you try to pick him up and okay I’ve gone too far now. oO;

  4. It depends. As a Mega Man boss, is it a given that he is bionic? If not he will have to make due with infinite machine gun fire and a limited supply of grenades.

  5. I’m really hoping that the 8 Robot Masters are fake outs and the real 8 come out when they’re all beaten.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that the buttons on his chestplate are horizontal on the art but vertical on the sprite?

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