GSQ3: Billy “Bang” Blitz

I was tragically busy over the weekend writing all those Final Fantasy XIII impressions — OK, so maybe “tragic” isn’t the word — and didn’t really have time to put together content for GameSpite. I’m a terrible person! But I hope to make amends by posting this Quarterly 3 entry about Billy Blitz, manly star of pseudo-metroidvania cult classic Clash at Demonhead. I love Demonhead bunches, even though my most prominent memory of the game comes from about 10 years ago when I picked up a used copy at a pawn shop and started playing it only to have my NES randomly freak out and lose all my progress about two hours into the adventure. And that’s when I decided I’d had enough of silly password-based games and that maybe emulation wasn’t entirely evil after all.

Man, why is this game not on Virtual Console? Bah.

9 thoughts on “GSQ3: Billy “Bang” Blitz

  1. Nothin evil about emulation! It’s like buying a used out of print album-you’re not depriving the artists of any cash.

  2. Really? DragonBall? That’s the best you can come up with? Hell, he looks more like Yamcha than Goku. Come on, try harder next time!

  3. You know, the article says that Billy appeared in a game called Clash at Demonhead… for the DS. Did they make a remake or something? Or is it just the aftereffects of too much FF XIII talking?

  4. Hm, it’s actually correct in the print copy (Clash as Demonhead, NES).
    And there’s always time for talking, we can thank him for that. (Except when Tom Guycot shows up and abducts the server for a day)

  5. Through the power of contributor permissions, I just fixed the article to say NES. Though man, a Clash at Demonhead port/remake/sequel on DS could be pretty rad.

  6. Every time I see a copy of Clash at Demonhead I just have to pick it up. It’s sad that you can get it for like $3 used at pretty much anywhere on the planet. I think my favorite part about it now is how consistently goofy the spritework is.

  7. My one complaint about Demonhead, which keeps it out of the top tier of NES classics, is Bang walks too slow and the fast-moving costumes wear off too quickly.

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