GSQ3: The Avatar and the Balloon Fighter

Today marks our second entry about Ultima-related characters, in this case the Avatar. Please note that this Avatar has nothing whatsoever with grotesque blue-skinned CG-rendered escapees from a particular bad Sonic fanfic, and instead represents the finest attributes in humanity rather its most shameful. You’re welcome.

We’ve also reached the letter B. That scent you smell in the air is the aroma of progress.

8 thoughts on “GSQ3: The Avatar and the Balloon Fighter

  1. Although Balloon Fight is a shameless copy of Joust, it does show Nintendo’s ability to make a game accessible by reducing it to simple(if surreal) objects. When I played Joust in the arcades, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was making an ostrich fly around awkwardly on the screen, and when I bumped into another guy I died – even when I expected to beat the other guy. Clearly, I decided, I’m not putting another quarter in that game! Balloon Fight is immediately understandable because you know what balloons do and how vulnerable they are.

  2. Ah, the memories of unwrapping Balloon Fight for Christmas and playing it all day.
    Wait, no, I got Balloon Fight from Jingle for the winter festival in Animal Crossing.

    I still played it a lot though.

  3. That Avatar article makes up completely for the abominably BAD Lord British one.

    I have the same sorts of thoughts when I buy stupid crap, or watch people waste 1000s of dollars at the casino I work at.

    We could all use to be a little more like the Avatar.

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