Finally back online in time for GSQ 2 #3: Final Fantasy VI

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3. Final Fantasy VI
Yeah, yeah, Final Fantasy III, whatever you want to call it. Posting this so close to Thanksgiving makes me a little nostalgic, you know; back in 1994, I picked up Donkey Kong Country to play over Thanksgiving and got bored with it about halfway through. So I spent the holiday replaying FFVI instead. All things considered, it’s a pretty great game to take a leisurely cruise through.

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  1. Sadly the Mega Man comic didn’t take off like The Game Boy one did. Which is a shame because I feel that it’s about a zillion times better.

  2. I’ve actually seen a lot of controversy over FF6 online, but I probably go places I shouldn’t. Anyway.

    I owe my favorite FF6 memory to my dad, actually. He was playing it after I had, and he got up to the point where you have to fight Wrexsoul, the guy who enters a random member of your party and won’t come out to be attacked until the member is killed.
    He started the fight and I was about to explain the mechanics of the battle when he pulled up X-Zone (a useless spell, I’d thought), sucked up Wrex’s minions and instantly won. My head damn near exploded.

  3. Just one more thing to add:

    “…burly manly-man Sabin could theoretically become a powerful spell caster.”

    He certainly will, if you play him right. Most of his Blitzes draw their power from his Magic stat…

  4. The presentation of Final Fantasy VI is still (one of, at least) the most unique of any JRPG I’ve played. It’s a glorious mess of ideas, the likes of which we may never see again.

  5. Hey so is there a really long queue to sign up for Talking Time? I registered like a week and a half ago and still can’t post! I want to Fun Club!

  6. This, if you can believe it, was my first SNES game. I didn’t own a SNES until I found one at a garage sale with Final Fantasy III (complete, even!) for $55. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

    All these years later, and there are only two RPGs that I believe exceed FF III/VI, and they are Chrono Trigger and Lufia II. And it’s actually probably tied with Lufia II, so… yeah, it’s an incredible game.

    As far as the localization was concerned, Woolsey did a commendable job given all the limitations, and did it under a much stricter timetable than the typical Working Designs project. That, in and of itself, should impress anyone. Of course, it doesn’t… but it should.

  7. Funny how at this very moment there’s a FF thread with a 6 vs. 7 argument in the middle.

    If there’s one thing that’s divisive, it’s the World of Ruin.

  8. “Finally, there’s the soundtrack, almost inarguably Nobuo Uematsu’s finest work.”

    While the soundtrack is great, no question, Uematsu himself (and I) would disagree on the “finest” title. Uematsu has stated several times that FFIX was his favorite soundtrack that he composed.

    Although, to be fair, he did say One Winged Angel was his single favorite track, which, uh…. would not be my choice.

  9. Was anybody else ticked off by the running system in this game? Like the article said, the combat is lightning fast, but trying to run from battles takes forever and usually results in your characters dying.

    FFIV got that part exactly right, but FFVI is the worst in the series when it comes to running from battle. Which is more of a problem than it seems, considering the encounter rate was so much higher than all the FFs after it.

  10. I should probably add an addendum to my comment… I meant to say two _SNES_ RPGs. Although I might have to think pretty hard to come up with something better, still.

  11. I keep going back to FF6, as I did like it a whole lot in the series, but then I get the Espers and get to the world of ruin and I never want to play anymore…maybe it’s just me but I don’t really like it when “any character can do anything” ’cause it takes away from their personality…this was also my gripe with FF7 and it’s Materia System.

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