Look, a distraction

I spent the weekend either playing 3D Dot Game Heroes or copy editing GameSpite Quarterly 3, which means I didn’t actually put together anything for today. So, uh, please accept instead this compendium of podcasts on which I’ve recently appeared. I dunno, I think maybe I’m getting to be a little overexposed. I should probably vanish for a few months again.

  • Retronauts 81, wherein we talk about Mario;
  • at 1UP, wherein I talk about Active-Time Babble and how the heck I accidentally ended up at 1UP to begin with;
  • The Friday podcast, wherein we talk about Pandemic, the DSi, and I dunno what else;
  • Game Night, wherein I watch Thierry play Assassin’s Creed II clumsily while fielding viewer questions with an equal lack of grace.

Yup. Anyway, the magazine is just about done (I just need to finish the New Game + article and make a few final copy edits), so I’ll get back to the business of doing stuff. As in writing, rather than talking.

8 thoughts on “Look, a distraction

  1. Jeremy, just call 4 Guys 1up by it’s real name, for Christ’s sake! I don’t think you’ve said or written it once.

  2. By doing a very scientific examination of some horse entrails, I’ve determined that the reason you’re “distracting” us is so you can post your Super Metroid article on Thanksgiving and then make a witty remark about the (alleged) coincidence.

    (Trust me on this. Horse guts never lie.)

  3. Karzac, Jemery’s made a few comments about thinking that the podcast’s title is lame, and we know what he’s like when he gets worked up about something.

    (Personally I think you’ve got just the right about of exposure, Parish.)

  4. Actually, I don’t know what I’m like when I’m worked up about something. Perhaps you could elaborate.

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