Hints of progress

After far too many hours of effort, I’ve completed all 127 profile headers for Issue 3. Honestly, the rest of the book is gonna be a piece of cake from here. Time-consuming, yeah, but far less tedious. Now to copy edit the text so I can start placing it along with the images to develop some semblance of an actual publication!

Crap, I guess I need to come up with a cover design, too.

I guess I should also finally finish Etrian Odyssey II so I can write about it for GameSpite Quarterly 4. My brain hurts a little to think that far ahead… although that could just be from the gin and tonics I had at dinner.

8 thoughts on “Hints of progress

  1. A good Gin and Tonic can best be described as refreshing. At worst, it will taste like a Christmas tree. For the price, try Brokers gin with Schweppes tonic.

  2. The G&T is a true gentleman’s drink. I recommend Tanqueray, though I’m not too picky about the tonic water myself.

  3. Bombay Sapphire? Tanqueray? Let’s have a Hendricks and Tonic with 2 slices of cucumber instead… Now that’s a gentleman drink!

  4. Yeah, you should beat EO2. I’m almost done, too. We can be be “Beating Etrian Odyssey 2!” buddies!

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