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I realized a couple of days ago that I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew at work. I’m managing both features and blogs, which is all fine and well, but there’s also the newly-reinvigorated Retronauts podcast and and podcast for The Grind, each of which takes about a full work day to record, edit, process, and prepare. And even that’s fine! I may or may not be a regular participant on the “flagship” podcast, too. And I’m actually OK with that, if that’s how it goes.

But then I suddenly realized that all of this means I have to start playing videogames again. If I want to be able to talk about these things, I’m going to need to experience them. I have no idea where I’m going to find time for this! I kind of gave up console gaming last year so I could devote my time to getting into shape, and that’s been a massive success, in the sense that I am considerably less massive than I was a year ago and generally feel better, and better about myself. But every hour spent exercising is an hour not spend sitting at a console. And now I kind of need to sit at a console. Portables games are fine, because I can squeeze in time with those anywhere. But now I’m looking down the barrel of New Super Mario Bros., Assassin’s Creed II, Demon’s Souls, Dragon Age: Origins, and several other massive time-sinks. I am not complaining that oh no what a burden, because they’re all pretty rad games and I’m excited about all of them. I just have no earthly idea where I’m supposed to find the time to play them and have a personal life.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone could volunteer to play some current and upcoming releases for me and then use some sort of memory transference device to give me your experiences. I promise it won’t hurt… much.

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  1. Since when are you excited about Dragon Age? Not that I’m complaining, I mean I’m excited that you’re excited, but I thought fantasy wasn’t your thing.

  2. Tolkien Lite high fantasy is probably the single most uninteresting milieu imaginable, but I like me some BioWare.

  3. And yet you still haven’t played Planescape. Next time I’m in SF i’m going to track you down and press those shiny orange discs into your hands, Mr. Parish.

  4. I was surprised when you broke your console-free streak by reviewed Halo ODST, a shooter let alone a Halo game. Though you kind of excused it with the whole being an Apple fan and a Marathon fan. Nevertheless, Great review. And good luck with your dilemma.

  5. At one point, I did an entire new game + run of Disgaea while on the exercise bike – though not in one sitting. I was even pedaling at the time! I can’t recommend playing action games while working out, but anything that isn’t too demanding in terms of reflexes should be fair game.

  6. I have an elliptical machine, not a bike, so I can’t game on it as it isn’t hands-free. And most of my exercise comes in the form of walking, which puts us right back in the “gotta be portable” zone.

    Also, I own Planescape. I own many games! That doesn’t mean I have time for them.

  7. Well, on the podcast front, you COULD get someone who has extensive experience and run things all soft-ball-interview style. Arguably it’s more useful to the “should I pick this up?” crowd to have a confused non-player pleasant to ask everyone else if, say, Assassin’s Creed 2 really fixed the mind-numbing repetitiveness of the optional sub-goals. Also, has The Grind there officially launched? I really need to catch up on the podcast front.

  8. Solution: Hire someone else to write stuff for you, and then you slap your own name on it – a time honored tradition in literature.

  9. Man, no kiddin’. The second thing I thought after seeing the new music blog was “Parish can’t stop making work for himself.”

    The first thing was “Yay!”.

    I appreciate the work burden you’re placing on yourself because I like the things you make. But, man, burnout. It’s a real thing. Be careful about that.

  10. I hear you can absorb other peoples’ memories if you eat their brains. Just sayin’.

    Er…give me a heads up and let me move further away if you plan to take that advice, though.

  11. Welcome to my world! And I’m not even a gaming journalist!

    Seriously, my backlog is huge (I’ve got over 1000 legit games in my collection), but absolutely no time to finish off everything I want to play AND maintain some form of social life. It’s also the reason I have avoided MMOs like the plague, because in the off-chance that I get addicted, I really WILL be up a creek.

    I should probably stop buying games as if I had the time to finish them. As a kid, I had time (but not really, since I was heavily limited by my parents anyway), but no money, and now I’ve got plenty of money (well, maybe not plenty, but employment has its benefits), but no time. Bah.

    One thing IS for certain, though. I’ve given up on all but the genres I am super-interested in. JRPGs, a few WRPGs, third-person action games, fighters, and old-school goodness are pretty much all I do now.

    By the way, I did find the time to finish off the entirety of A Boy and His Blob, and it was WELL worth the purchase. And considering the length, it was well worth the $40. The 20 hour estimate you gave was nearly right on the money.

  12. I know you just said you don’t have the time for games but Modern Warfare 2 looks like G.I.Joe for adults. That video they released with the snowmobiles is straight out of my Christmas vacation circa 4th grade. Just sayin’, Parish.

  13. Get someone to hack your 1up account and post under your name? I mean, then your journalistic integrity is still technically intact.

    Actually, I have some as yet unpublished insights about Demon’s Souls I’d be happy to share with you — specifically how the online mode enhances and distracts from the solo experience, or how the game is an attempt to realize the “haunted VHS tape” from “The Ring” (or perhaps more relevant, the haunted RPG from Nanashi no Game). Really, I’m just looking for an excuse to blather about Demon’s Souls, as From made so many interesting game design decisions that nobody’s talking about (which are of particular interest to gamers like yourself, who aren’t super into competitive multiplayer).

  14. OK, this explains why you once said that Persona 3 PSP would allow you to try out the latter-day entries in the series. Wondering why you had to have something portable instead of playing P4 on a console as intended had me worried for you. Now I get it.

    Doesn’t make it right, just explains it.

  15. I remember Shawn Elliott talking about some of the same issues when he became involved with 1UP Yours back in the olden days.

    Because he wasn’t working on previews or going to events every week he felt he had nothing to say.

  16. Dragon Age? Damn. To review something that requires that kind of time investment must mean you’ve either pissed off someone important or you’re avoiding something. Good luck, Jeremy. See you in 2010.

  17. A solution: take your elliptical to the office, and exercise while recording the podcasts! I’m sure the audience won’t bat an eye at the panting and heavy breathing.

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