Mysteries of PAX, part the first

Many strange things happen at PAX, including the influx of an alarming number of doughy men wearing kilts. But there are more subtle mysteries to be found, like this display in a nearby shopping center:

I am taking guesses for the purpose of this display. Are tube socks making a comeback, as denoted by the army of tubers? Are they saying clothes look nicest with a little starch? Please posit your best guess here. Meanwhile, I’mma working the 1UP booth this morning. Let the fun times begin.

9 thoughts on “Mysteries of PAX, part the first

  1. It means the eyes of authority are everywhere, and we must look our best in the new surveillance society.

  2. I didn’t look clearly at first and thought this was a display of Tonberries. My first reaction was “Whoa, PAX must be even more popular than we realized.”

  3. It looks to me like they’re getting attention for cheap by creatively re-purposing an overstock of Mr. Potato Heads.

  4. PAX was a blast. I had never been and finally splurged. It was really cool to finally meet you, Mr. Parish, and standing in line for a mere 20 minutes for Tim Schafer at the Brutal Legend booth was well, well, well worth it. What a weekend. Oh, and Dominic Armato wins the award for nicest guy ever.

  5. The thing that’s missing from this photo is rest of the mannequins, which perplexingly have shoes on their heads. To me, that was an even greater mystery than the potatoes.

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