Transmissius interruptus

Oops, I had intended to get the ball rolling on posting Quarterly 2 content, but then I was sidetracked by the need to review Shadow Complex. It was longer than I had anticipated, although that’s due in part to the frustrating lack of shortcuts in the game. You know how awesome it was when you realized you could bomb the glass cylinder in Maridia to open a quick path between the deep underwater areas and the familiar rocky paths of Brinstar? Yeah, there’s none of that in Shadow Complex. Which is weird, you know, since it’s a game that apes Super Metroid in every other way possible.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t be fooled by this screen. It really doesn’t imitate Metal Gear Solid at all, outside of these dudes. And they’re nowhere near as fun as the tachikoma ripoffs in any case.

Anyway, I gave it a B: a solid score for a solid game. I can tell it’s a good one, because I keep thinking about the items I missed and how I could most efficiently make my way through the levels to collect them. Do stick around for the comments on the review, though, if only to see 1UP chastised for letting someone review the game who clearly has never really played a classic Metroid. Ahh, Internet, how I love you.

Apparently we’re doing a 1UP Show-style video chat on the game tomorrow, so I guess you can watch me sniffle and mumble my way sickly through that as well.

9 thoughts on “Transmissius interruptus

  1. A co-worker once berated me for saying that the original Call of Duty was very similar to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I honestly don’t know why some people obligate themselves to feel offended at the notion of reapplying good ideas.

  2. If I want real reviews from people who’ve actually played Classic Metroid Games, I guess I’ll just have to take my business, ahem, eslewhere. Shadow Complex’s ORIGINAL ideas and Gameplay make me drool.

  3. “Do stick around for the comments on the review, though, if only to see 1UP chastised for letting someone review the game who clearly has never really played a classic Metroid.”

    I saw that in the review earlier. Through all the great fun GFW and 1up blogs and all that have been, I think I laughed hardest of all my time at 1up at that comment.

  4. Well, I don’t mean to pick on the kid. I really pointed it out because it was so totally off the mark. Though, it does make me stop and realize how much I appreciate the involvement of “invested” readers (both here and at 1UP) who actually take the time to understand the people behind the articles they read. We are human beings too!

  5. Yeah, I checked the comments as soon as I saw that you gave it a ‘B’ because Shadow Complex is one of those “ZOMG it has to get an A+” games.

    I stopped reading after I saw someone mention “read a real review” and “IGN”

  6. Immediately after I saw the B, I scrolled quickly to the talkback section to see the knee get jerked.

    It’s underwhelming so far, but I’m optimistic.

  7. Was this game widely advertised and I just missed it? I ask because I don’t know why people might consider it a “Has to get an A+!” game. The only thing I remember seeing about it was a video off of Xbox Live, which looked nice, but I wasn’t considering buying it until after reading about it here and the review at 1Up.

  8. Nah, it’s just one of those games that as a small but vocal group of gamers latched onto as the Great White Hope of XBLA. These days any console exclusive title is treated like digital Jesus.

  9. I’d totally pay $10 to play Digital Jesus.

    Not $15, though. That’s clearly too much for a downloadable game.

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