It’s quiet now

As I buckle down this week for the last revisions and improvements on GSQ2, the site will probably be quieter than usual. I’m sorry to abandon you like this. I still love you, though. And I’m doing it all for you anyway. In the meantime, please enjoy this random piece of litter I saw on the sidewalk near my apartment the other night:

Also, I’ve posted my proof copies of several books on eBay, because they’re just sitting around pointlessly and I figure someone might be interested in them as a random curiosity. More to the point, I always have to pay for press proofs out of pocket, so this is a way to possibly recoup the moderate losses that result. These are quick, one-day auctions, and I’ll mail them out as soon as they sell (uh, if they sell). That means technically you could be the first to own GSQ2 and the bonus book, although these are rather deficient versions and won’t likely make you the envy of all your friends. Also, I know Internet auctions sometimes cause people to do weird and inexplicable things, but on the off chance you’re actually interested in these, please don’t get into some sort of manic bidding war. These really aren’t worth it and I won’t be heartbroken if no one is interested.

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