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Yeah, OK, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona has a completely new translation from the PlayStation version.

Meanwhile! I’m about 2/3 of the way through my own edits and revisions in the new issue. I’ll wrap up the markups today, and then it’s just a matter of incorporating those changes as well as any third-party corrections. While you’re waiting, though, why not feast your eyes on the sumptuousness of the color cover? It is behind this here “jump,” as they call it in the parlance of our times. It is well worth your click. I can tell it’s a great piece, because every time I look at it I see some new detail I’d overlooked. Like the fact that Mario is actually holding a Fire Flower!

23 thoughts on “New words

  1. I’m unsure on the bug attacking Pyramid Head, the blue-haired cap-wearer with the gun, the leaf people at the top right, the happy blue star by Mario and whatever’s behind Mr Saturn.
    Man do I feel hignorant.

  2. @pombar: the leaf people are from Wind Waker, and the happy blue star is from Super Mario Galaxy.

  3. Ahah. I also see that the brown things behind Mr Saturn can be seen all over the place, so I have to assume it’s a 1UP mushroom shaped coffee mug ring.
    Also I just saw that Skull and can think of a fair few games that include such things.

  4. Also, the blue-haired cap-wearer is the main character from Cave Story. (name withheld, as some consider it a spoiler)

  5. Great cover, and I love how the lined notebook paper background gives it a middle-school-era “OMG Ultimate Showdown” kind of vibe.

  6. I didn’t think the black & white cover Jeremy showed us a few weeks ago could possible look any better in color.

    I was wrong.

  7. “I love how the lined notebook paper background gives it a middle-school-era “OMG Ultimate Showdown” kind of vibe.”

    That is exactly what I had in mind, and Loki nailed it. Glad that comes across.

    Also, the thing eating Pyramid Head is an Ur-Quan Master, and the skull is from Planescape: Torment.

    Also also, I just finished my copy edits and I am blown away anew at how good the articles in this issue are.

  8. Too bad there’s not enough time to design the back cover to look like a lined piece of notebook paper with math homework scrawled all over it in pencil!

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Chris Chan is drawn as Zangeif and he’s about to smush Pikachu and Sonic together into his creatively bankrupted Sonichu character? OMG, internets, what have you done to me! :C

  10. I’m confident you folks voted for most of the games I’d like to see in this volume, but I hope Fallout 1 and Diablo 2 are in it.
    Also, I wonder who got the (in?)enviable task of writing about Symphony of the Night…??

  11. Not knowing who this Lenneth person is, I just assumed it was a mash-up of Chun Li and Sparkster the Rocket Knight.

  12. If I weren’t planning on buying a copy already I’d buy one anyway just so I could own a physical copy of that cover art. Good job, locit.

    I also need a new computer/monitor because it took me half a minute to even see the Mr. Saturn and skull everyone was talking about.

  13. I took the same amount of time and my computer’s perfectly fine. They don’t have very strong outlines, so they’re hard to see.

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