GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 11.3

The online edition of GameSpite Quarterly #1 is finally winding down, just in time for the second issue to hit. Mr. Armstrong turned in the final version of his cover image last night (it’s fantastic), and my proofs of issue two shipped yesterday as well. My excitement is slightly dulled by the mildly alarming realization that I’ve locked myself into a perpetual cycle with this… but so be it. (I could delegate some of this work, of course, but I’m far too much of a control freak to be able to relax if I did so.) Anyway! Good times lay ahead, I’m sure of it. Work, too, but my protestant work ethic tells me that this is the necessary compromise one must make in order to have nice things.

Wow, remember when the prospect of playing the original Final Fantasy on a portable system was so exciting that a bunch of people imported game systems and cartridges of a foreign-language RPG? If only we knew then what we know now! Still, WonderSwan actually had a lot going on for it… even if Bandai was pretty clueless about managing the system’s fortunes.

5 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 11.3

  1. Wow, school girls working a coms rig on a space battleship? Makes total sense why their uniforms are styled after sailor uniforms. Japan is a devious place indeed.

  2. I was one of those people enticed by the idea of portable Final Fantasy! The Final Fantasy II Wonderswan bundle was the first thing I ever imported, all so I could play one of the lost Final Fantasy games. And boy was it hard to convince myself that was a good idea.

  3. Wonderswan was the home of the best portable version of Beatmania. Not that this is saying much!

  4. Noboyuki: I imagine that it became even harder to convince yourself after you actually played that game…

    Also: could Gunpei Yokoi’s tale be the most tragic game-related story ever?

  5. I love my little Wonderswan. Shame it never came out here. Little thing had so much potential, but I think it launched just a little too late. GBA really kinda finished it off.

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