As a new recruit

As I put the finishing touches on GameSpite Quarterly 2, my mind is already racing ahead to the next issue. Since the first two volumes have featured fairly heavy topics — a comprehensive look at the Game Boy’s history and legacy, and rather personalized write-ups of Talking Time’s favorite games ever — the next issue will be much lighter in tone. Frivolous, one might even say. The assignments for Issue 3 are already being sorted out, so I figure now would be a good time for me to put out a call for new authors. We added a couple of new voices to the publication with Issue 2, but it’s always good to have more fresh blood. So, I’d like to recruit two new contributors, assuming anyone’s interested. Here are my unreasonably demanding criteria:

  1. You need to know something about games;
  2. You need to submit evidence that you know something about writing;
  3. You need to be able to hit a deadline.

If you’re game, please send some sample links and perhaps a brief cover letter to my email. I won’t lie, if you contribute to GameSpite, you’re doing it because you like writing about games, not because you wanna be rich. Contributors do earn some dough for their troubles, but this is hardly what you’d call a high-profit venture.

In other news, whoever updated Wikipedia with a link to the Metroidvania page but whose citation gives the site name as “Game Sprite”? You’re friggin’ fired.

Edit: Well, crap! A bunch of really solid writers have thrown in their hats. Now I must equip my winnowing fork and thresh, thresh with all my might. But maybe not today. I’m about to go on vacation for a week, so I’ll get back to you dudes once I return.

15 thoughts on “As a new recruit

  1. Every time a call for writers shows up, the optimist in me says “go for it, submit something”. Then the more realistic side of me reminds my optimistic side that I have no prior writing to submit, nor any experience. Ah well, I’m sure great writing will come from whoever gets the honer of being picked.

  2. Curses, why didn’t I check to make sure I was spelling honor properly, I’m usually good about that. Oh well, all the more reason I should avoid writing.

  3. I coul put together a strip or something if Phil isn’t already contributing to #3. (Not that I wouldn’t want to contribute if he IS involved, but I don’t wanna step on his toes. Also, how many cartoonists does a book series about gaming need? Oy.)

  4. Actually, Game Sprite was the website I started in 2006 to document Metroidvania titles. It was sponsored by Sprite who promptly pulled all money from the project when they figured out I was a terrible, terrible liar.

  5. I sent you a message regarding this, Jeremy, but in the past I’ve sent you messages about buying GSY1 and other stuff and never got a response, so I dunno if you can even receive mail from my domain. Let me know if you didn’t.

  6. I have a master’s research paper on international and comparative education under my belt, but I don’t think that’s what GameSpite is looking for in a writer…

  7. I’ve no degree of any kind, so perhaps I’m even less of what GameSpite is looking for. None the less, my tuppence has been thrown.

  8. I feel as though being an active participant on Talking Time might be something of a prerequisite, no? I’ve written my fair share of reviews and criticism, but lurking seems to be frowned upon here. I guess I should get around to making an account. ^_^

  9. I won’t lie – as a longtime ToastyFrog reader (and early ‘Zine contributor, wait, is anyone allowed to mention that existed?) who grew up to become a GameSpite lurker – I’d like to redeem myself by showcasing that I’ve (hopefully) grown up as a writer since then!

    But yeah, maybe instead of lurking Talking Time I should go make an account. That might help my chances, no?

  10. I, too, am on the boat that would enjoy to write for the blog and/or the quarterly, but I have no samples to submit. Not in English anyway, and Atomix Magazine doesn’t have an online archive of its printed articles anyway. Maybe I should start my own blog so I can have a portfolio to present, huh?

  11. Best of luck to you, PeaceTalk; my account still doesn’t work after over a month…

  12. I would have kinda dug to apply, and would have just used my website as a reference for my writing. But I don’t know if it’s only old games you want a writer for, or if I’d have the ability to commit where necessary. If I was deemed worthy anyways.

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