Hard at work or hardly working?

Pfft, what do you think? I’m totally slacking off, of course. I took a whole half-hour for lunch! I’m sure I’d be finished with three or four issues GameSpite Quarterly by now (instead of plugging away at the second) if only I weren’t so lazy.

8 thoughts on “Hard at work or hardly working?

  1. Lazy? I’m amazed you decided to create a little sprite/image to sit next to the title for each game.

    Sure you’ll be regretting that when you get to Portal.

  2. Already did Portal. Putting together the art for that was a piece of… well, you know.

  3. So what are you using there layout software wise? Ever since Appleworks ceased to be supported, the best I’ve been able to manage to find for this sort of thing is LaTeX which… leaves much to be desired.

  4. Googleshng – the Blurb site Jeremy’s using for publishing requires you to use its own software. Fortunately, it apparently just got updated, so I gather there’ll be a little more flexibility in the layout of this volume compared to the previous two.

  5. The software updates don’t make much difference in terms of real layout potential. As before, pages like this are created in Photoshop and imported as a high-res graphic, because they’re impossible to create with the standard toolset.

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