Dietary decisions made easy

Well, I know what I’ll be eating when I go to Tokyo Game Show this fall.

And I don’t even like fast food burgers! But man, how can I not have one of these. At the very least, it’s gotta be better than that horrible unrefrigerated teriyaki burger I tried last year.

Edit: Apparently these are not unique to Japan, which is boring. Now I’m angry, because I have to figure out some other exotic way to give myself stomach cramps while I’m over there.

Edit edit: Speaking of terrible food, this is kind of amazing.

19 thoughts on “Dietary decisions made easy

  1. I don’t know…Lotteria is now offering a burger that’s so good they’ll refund your money if you don’t like it. And while I’m not sure where the BKs are in Tokyo, I know Lotteria is near Makuhari Messe.

    Ah, who am I kidding? Fall is time for the Tsukimi Burger at McDonalds and I am helpless to resist it.

  2. Maybe we’re just a test market or something, but we have those here in Pittsburgh.

  3. I can also confirm this is a domestic product. I consumed it inside my Angrydome.

  4. Maybe it’s an East Coast thing, because I’ve ingested its deliciousness on multiple occasions here in Maryland. Now I want one for lunch…

  5. Yeah, I’m reasonably sure I’ve seen these advertised on TV before here in Arizona.

  6. Eh, I’ve already done canned bread. I can imagine that tinny, metallic taste combined with the slimy saltiness of the teriyaki burger, so I’m good.

  7. You jerk, PapillonReel, I’m trying to eat lunch here and now all I can think of is that canned cheeseburger from the random image thread…

  8. This burger’s happy puppydog face makes this confused advertiser my pick for retard king of the day.

  9. I seen these commercials. You should try it anyways, tell me how it is. You should also try Wendy’s ‘Asian Chicken’.

  10. A) They have the Angry Whopper in Hawaii, so it must be nationwide.

    B) The Tsukimi Burger is wonderful. I wish I were in Japan, so I could eat it, and all the other seasonal burgers.

  11. See, I believe that the Angry Whopper isn’t all that angry… Just mildly irritated. Still, a delicious burger.

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