Game over, yeah!

And just like that, one of the greatest threads in Talking Time history has come to a close: Brickroad and McDohl’s competitive solo mage playthroughs of Final Fantasy. If you’ve somehow missed it these past few weeks (and shame on you if you have), each participant took either a White or Black Mage, killed off the rest of their party, and struck out to save the world from Chaos’s malevolent time loop. IKA and RUGA did their best, and now each journey has come to its conclusion.

Or has it? Perhaps there is more to be seen in this wild adventure. In any case, I can’t recommend it enough. Please to be reading from the start so you can appreciate each and every brutal setback and soul-crushing defeat. Actually, you’d do well to start with Brickroad’s standard Final Fantasy Let’s Play, which inspired this whole mad ordeal to begin with.

8 thoughts on “Game over, yeah!

  1. My second-favourite bit is how crazy the peanut gallery gets. It is like pure distilled Talking Time.

  2. I can’t post on the forums for some reason, so I’ll say it here:

    Congratulations on one of the most spectacular LPs I’ve seen on this site!

  3. Man, the first FF is one of my favorite games ever… How can I completely miss this? Well, I suppose staunchly avoiding anything involving the phrase “Let’s Play” would explain quite a bit.

  4. I, too, started looking through the forums thanks entirely to Brickroad’s original LP. Still haven’t registered, though (well, actually, I tried, but without much success…).

  5. Sorry about a double post, but I seem to have erased something by ‘Thricebornphoenix’ in posting. Here’s what he/she said:

    I was brought to this site by Brickroad’s LP last year; I learned much that day. I’ve learned even more this time around, mainly why I won’t ever do a solo mage run.

  6. Some of “us” might avail ourselves of the lovely Talking Time offerings more if we were allowed to join that forum instead of just gawking at everything by using a Just Visiting visa. (Yes, “we” know “we” have to send an E-mail instead of a using the account creation tool; no, this doesn’t seem to do any good either; yes, “we” should quit whining.)

  7. Strange. I’d previewed that post, but decided against actually posting it at that time (it seemed inadequate, somehow). I guess it was visible to everyone until the next message was posted, at which point it was purged? So, yeah.

    I blame Thief.

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