Freedom fish

Long-time readers of the site will be pleased to know that I continued my long-standing tradition (since 2003) of eating sushi, aka Freedom Fish, to commemorate the 4th of July this year. (This is what you come to the site to read about, right?) It was a rather more muted observance than usual, though, since I was supposed to be at a family reunion I couldn’t afford tickets to, and my fiancée is currently somewhere in the midwest on assignment until September. Still, it’s hard to feel too lousy about life while eating good food and gazing out the window at a serene Japanese garden.

Oh, yeah. All the sake I drank probably helped, too.

5 thoughts on “Freedom fish

  1. And there’s a thing that goes donk, too! Every Japanese garden has to have one of those things.

  2. You should think about merging your traditions with that of America’s. If you ever find yourself needing to attend a BBQ, and you’re sad that there’s no sushi, you can always compromise by grilling Ahi steaks. Mmmmm… seared ahi…

  3. Wow, oddly enough having no idea of your tradition, I went out for sushi on the 4th as well. It actually didn’t strike me as at all odd till I read your post, but I eat sushi like every other freaking day. I swear, it’s driving me to the poorhouse.

  4. I had Korean BBQ and bubble tea on the 4th of July so I’d say we’re both pretty American Parish.

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