GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 7

With this week’s update to the online version of GameSpite Quarterly #1, we’re about halfway through the issue’s content. I’m still a little bit amazed by just how much material we produced for this book. The reality of it all hits me every Sunday afternoon right around 5, as I find myself faced with formatting and producing the material.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
One of these days, I intend to play more than a few minutes of this Kid Icarus sequel/remake/whatever without getting weirded out by the addition of multi-scrolling. In the meantime, we have David to set the record straight for us.
Ninja Gaiden Shadow
I also hope, someday, to track down the people responsible for this strange iteration of Ninja Gaiden and get the true story behind its creation and how it came to be an NG game rather than a Shadow of the Ninja sequel. Despite its heritage, it’s still a better attempt at Ninja Gaiden than anything we’ve seen since.
Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Hey, it’s Mario! But not really. As I discovered earlier this year, Super Mario Land 2 is actually just Mario interloping in what really should have been a Wario Land game. The result is novel and fun, but feels a little off — although Bob’s article here indirectly refutes my observations, and does a pretty good job of it, too.

9 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 7

  1. Man, I think Ninja Gaiden’s soundtrack is really good, and surprisingly catchy, even though it isn’t as beautiful as Belmont’s Revenge or rich as TMNT Back From The Sewers.

  2. I had no idea there was a portable Kid Icarus, much less one that sounds like it fixed some of my biggest complaints with the original!

  3. Yawk, i hate the GB Kid Icarus! The original was hard to get into, but after a few stages, Pit gets stronger and the difficulty levels out. The GB game was New Nintendo Difficulty to the end, and the music was NOT Hip Tanaka quality.

  4. Ujn’s Kid Icarus Timeline: I never played it as a kid; Charge 1000 Wii Points to my Credit Card; Purchase Ninja Gaiden NES from the Wii Store (just as awesome as I remembered it!); Have fun playing Ninja Gaiden; Instead of going with the proper gut choice of buying Castlevania with my extra 500 Wii Points, I make the ill advised decision to purchase Kid Icarus based purely on (what I now realize as false positive opinions, surely they must be joking?) internet hype… I now have a horrible NES game in my channel list that is stinking up the place… when I could have had Castlevania in all it’s glory! :(

  5. I dig Bob’s remembrance of Super Mario Land 2– I could tell even as a dumb kid that the game was something special, and not just because it alleviated the considerable pain inflicted by SML 1. It was really well polished for its time.

  6. Wasn’t rabbit Mario a downgrade, and not an upgrade, of raccoon Mario? The former never had the ability to fly.

    I liked Super Mario Land 1 well enough even though I never outright loved it, and I was in 7th grade. After coming around to its quirks (using the ricochet balls to collect coins was actually a lot of fun), I came to appreciate it for what it was: a light Mario snack.

    Finchiekins is right about the GB KI soundtrack. The original was classic Tanaka. The GB version? A little crappy, sadly.

  7. Oh god, Super Mario Land 1 worse than Mario Land 2? No! SML 1 is the less fondly-remembered bastard brother, but unlike SML2, Mario Land 1 had some semblance of challenge, and instead of the cartoon and completely uninteresting world of SML2, it had the wonderful strangeness and newness of the original SMB. Give me my Nokobons and Tatanga! Give me my Gunpei and Tanaka!

  8. Wow, where is my non-named comment?


    Hey, we have two times part 6. Does that mean there is an alternate version of the Quarterly, possibly with a mirror-verse beard?

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