I dunno about this

Today my new business cards arrived. Once I got past the shock of seeing the 1UP logo sharing billing with UGO’s, I had to deal with a second (and far more terrifying) realization: in a fit of rash madness, I asked them to add the URL to the Retronauts Twitter to the card. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the cold light of reality there’s a truly unnerving sensation that comes from seeing something so transient permanently imprinted to your own identity. I have to hand one of these to Shigeru Miyamoto in a few days, and brother, is he gonna laugh. Well, he won’t, because he’s the most genteel game developer I’ve ever met, but I’ll see the disappointment in his eyes, and I’ll know.

On the plus side, though: hey! EGM. It makes me a little sad to see the magazine return knowing I won’t be contributing to it in any capacity this time around, but that’s definitely outweighed by the whole “Hey! EGM” aspect of it. Besides, I already have my placebo replacement.

And speaking of Retronauts, I’m sure most people who read this site also follow the blog… although it’s sort of difficult to find from the main page of 1UP at the moment, so maybe not. For whatever reason — maybe relief from having the Quarterly out of the way, or perhaps an adrenaline rush of fear as I hurtle toward the assured death that is E3 — I feel like my Retronauts posts this week were really, really good. Unusually good. If you’ve missed them, please give them a read:

Aaand it’s about time for me to head off to E3. Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “I dunno about this

  1. (Try to) have fun at E3! It’s great that EGM will be back, something to go alongside Gamespite Quarterly.

  2. And on the other side of the fence, I found it awesome that I had 1UP on my business card next to the UGO logo. ;)

  3. Good features as always, but I’m most glad to hear you noticed how invisible the Retronauts blog is from the 1up homepage. What is with that? The entire setup makes no sense to me at all.

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