GameSpite Quarterly #1 Intro

I should probably figure out if I want to call the current issue of the site GameSpite Quarterly #1 or Issue 14. Technically, they’re one and the same, but I should probably strive for something akin to consistency around here to make it less of a headache for you guys.

Start-Up Chime: An Introduction
Now that our first issue is off for a proof print, it’s time to begin posting the content online. Yes, this means that technically paid content is running for free weeks before you can actually purchase it. Yes, that’s a terrible business model. Fortunately, GameSpite isn’t a business. Besides, this is just another warm-up exercise; the real content starts showing up next Monday.

3 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly #1 Intro

  1. Thanks for the intro. I admit that I’ve been gaming since the Atari 2600 and I picked up my 1st handheld (DS) last year…I’m in Korea and public transportation being a necessity forced my hand…point being, I’ve got a newfound appreciation for handheld gaming. Worked my way through TWEWY and DQV and can’t believe how lucky I am to experience both. Keep up the immensely appreciated gaming journalism…
    Which leads me to my next point. WHy the f**k did they pull your excellent retro blog off the front page of 1up?!! It deserves as many reads as it possibly can. I’ll try to get as much word of mouth as I can on this side but this really pisses me off. Good luck in your future endeavors , Mr. Parish.

  2. Yeah, because a clip of Homer and Marge teabagging people in Halo is much more pressing than the stuff that people actually wanna read, I suppose. Way to goddamned go, 1up.

    On the flipside, the intro is pretty fantastic. Can’t wait to plow through the rest of the book soon.

  3. Great intro. The seemingly collective ambivalence towards one of my favorite handheld systems has always got me down. All this makes me feel like we’re doing something that’s dually necessary with GSQ: “celebrating” the transition of print media and giving the Game Boy brand the respect it deserves.

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