Don’t sloppy that copy

What you see here is a PDF of a sample page from GameSpite Quarterly #1. The magazine (more a journal, really) is proofed, laid out, uploaded, and PDF’ed. A preliminary copy is being published so’s I can ensure the fonts look right and the cover art is sized correctly, and once it’s back I’ll do one final copy edit pass, make any necessary corrections, and set it live for buyin’. This is, of course, terribly satisfying. In a month of weekends, we’ve put together a 160-page publication that, I feel, isn’t too shabby. Niche, sure; simple, definitely. But still, if it does OK for itself, it’ll be an encouraging sign that there’s still a demand for print publications about gaming, provided you can find a viable model for them. I doubt $10-dollar-plus books about Game Boy is the model to change the world, but it’s a model, and I think it could be a modest success. Since none of us are intending to make our living with this, of course, we can settle for “modest.”

The final price for the book will be $12 per copy, plus whatever shipping costs at checkout (that’ll vary by country and speed, of course). There’s been a fair amount of demand for a hardcover version, so we’ll be making a premium-priced hardback available for those who are interested. To help justify the additional cost, I’ll be including a handful of extra articles in the hardcover — though of course as with everything in the Quarterly, those will be making their way onto the site eventually. The bonus material is simply a little extra thank-you to those with sufficient enthusiasm to want a nicer version of the magazine, because I certainly won’t be doing the hand inscriptions ever again. As I’ve said before: we’ve learned many lessons from the first book. Painful lessons.

So anyway, expect to see more details in about, oh, 10 days.

6 thoughts on “Don’t sloppy that copy

  1. Awesome! The financial situation just allowed me to get the Year one, Vol. 1, and can’t wait to get this one! Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Awesome Jeremy, I’m super excited. I’ve got one question though, about by-lines: will they be the real names of the authors, or handles? Obviously not a deal-breaker, but it seems like it would be weird to see an Internet handle in print.

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