GameSpite Issue 14.0: DMG-01 Prelude

Issue 14 won’t start up for a little while yet (more on that tomorrow), but since tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the Game Boy’s Japanese launch and this issue’s topic is the Game Boy’s 20th anniversary, I figured we should get an early start with the prologue.

Game Boy Moments
Like last time, we kick off this issue with a round-up of personal anecdotes on the topic du jour, many of which will be expanded on in the course of the issue itself. So enjoy this fine appetizer as you wait for this big ol’ feast of words to begin.

17 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 14.0: DMG-01 Prelude

  1. I love how I’m scrolling down all these awesome Gameboy related things and then there is Warcraft 3.

    Soo can’t wait for these, god I love the Gameboy.

  2. And also, being hassled about 1UP stuff here — especially podcasts — really pisses me off. Don’t do it.

  3. I like these teaser articles. They provide context for the issue, and we get many concise writeups.

  4. I was really surprised by the diversity of backgrounds. I never met anyone who had a Game Gear as a kid. Also, I hopped onto the Game Boy pretty soon after its release.

    I am a little surprised that Kirby was glossed over in this overview. Kirby made his debut on the Game Boy and it was that game that made me an avid handheld player.

    Kirby’s Dream Land was the first game that I ever beat and one of the rare occaisions where I replayed a game upon completion. I had to see if the hard mode had a different ending!

  5. I think it was more a hint for a Gamespite specific podcast rather then retronauts. Many if you hate doing podcasts so much Jeremy, some of your contributors may produce one. Though you should be proud of yourself & retronauts, its one of the few podcasts you can go back to & enjoy as it ages really well, its just a pity you don’t do it very often :(

  6. I don’t think Parish hates doing podcasts. I think he hates being nagged about them, particularly at the home of one of his hobbies.

    Imagine if, say, you bowled a lot, and everytime you showed up at the bowling alley people asked you when your latest assignment at work was going to be done.

  7. Kirby’s Pinball Land was so much better than it had any right to be. :) Kirby games in general are great, but Kirby’s Dream Land was a mere speedbump in terms of challenge… I think if the first Kirby game was more substantial and had Kirby’s Adventure-styled powerups, people would worship it in place of Zelda and Mario on the Game Boy.

    If it’s any consolation, everybody wrote about Link’s Awakening (I nearly did myself!) and that’s got little Kirbys in it.

  8. Kirby games are best when they’re NOT your standard platforming / eat and steal powers setup. Kirby’s Pinball Land was already mentioned, so I’ll add Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble and Canvas Curse to the list.

  9. I’ve had the same experience as Kirin in his contribution to this article; outside of a brief love affair with the Neo Geo Pocket Color, I never took handheld gaming seriously until I got a DS.

    I’m really hoping Nintendo gets their shit together and puts together a portable Virtual Console with all the games I missed out on. Wario Land plz.

  10. @wumpwoast: Kirby and company have had some weird cameos in and out of their games. Lolo and Lala were last spotted as bosses in Kirby’s Dream Land. I don’t think any Lolo games were released after it. The spikes from Kirby popped in plenty of games too.

    @Bergasa: Game Boy pinball games were generally pretty solid. Kirby and Pokemon Pinball were both a lot of fun.

    Calorie Mate: I should find a copy of Canvas Curse at some point. I seem to remember that game was a turning point for the gaming press in their perception of the DS. The game made logical use of the stylus and I think it was the first critical darling for the DS.

  11. Aww, no passing mention of Donkey Kong ’91 in the lists of greats? It was the first game I bought with my OMFG Super Limited Edition clear Game Boy that turned out to be not actually limited at all when they decided they liked all the extra sales. Still, it was an excellent game.. and my second Game Boy experience being Links Awakening really cemented my appreciation for that clunky brick of greatness.

  12. Christ, this makes me want to play Link’s Awakening again. I rarely revisit a Zelda game once I’ve finished it – Zelda 1 an LttP are the exceptions – but I’ve got the itch now. I need to remember where I put my Game Boy Color, and then I need to find a copy of LA:DX on the cheap.

  13. I’m a big portable gamer. I have a PS3/360/Wii, but the majority of my gaming these days is done on my DSi or my iPod Touch. Can’t wait for the next installment of this great series.

  14. The gameboy was pretty ignorable until the sp came out, then i fell in love with my portable snes.

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