Circle of distrust

I pass this chalk, uh, diagram all the time in the course of my morning walk.

I keep wondering what happens if you step into the circle…but not enough to find out for myself. It’s a little too close to the ocean, and thus lots of seagulls, for my liking.

On a less stupid note, congrats to GameSpite contributor reibeatall for getting hitched today…and liveblogging it. A brave new frontier for nerdkind!

8 thoughts on “Circle of distrust

  1. Marlon Brando was here.

    Seriously though, apparently anything goes in San Francisco.

  2. The arrows pointing outward are what worries me, what do they mean! Is it safe anywhere?!

  3. Definitely art. Just look at it. It could overwhelm one to the point of tears if one could come close to possessing the emotional capacity to begin to understand a fraction of its beauty.

  4. Don’t worry, it’s just the Fecal family’s coat of arms. They weren’t known for their artistry.

  5. Perhaps you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. If you flip it upside-down, it could be a simple representation of a Prinny’s life cycle– from self-awareness to their explosive end.

  6. Judah and what? I live in the Sunset and would be interested in checking this out.

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