The wonders of technology

I’ve just made a fantastic discovery: the Nintendo DSi won’t boot review ROMs. You know, the majority of carts I play.

Also, my MacBook Pro (the one I’ve had for five weeks) no longer works correctly; when I try to put it to sleep the hard drive goes insane and it enters a permanent freeze loop that requires a hard shutown. But that’s OK, because I’m no longer allowed to use it for work anyway (even though work is the main reason I bought it in the first place).

Hurt me more.

14 thoughts on “The wonders of technology

  1. Haha! They locked out their own review roms! Well, maybe they can firmware update it to fix the problem? Or maybe this is one of those new features the DSi provides. You should be grateful for this advance in technology.

  2. Oh, right, system update. I tried downloading that the other day but the servers weren’t up. Let’s see how that goes now.

    Nope! Still doesn’t work. ELL OH ELL thanks Nintendo.

  3. oh. yeah. I thought you knew that. :( and yet nintendo has their own magic DSis that play them.

  4. Obviously, because of William Randolph Hearst’s educational film, “MacBook Madness.”

    Seriously though, have you tried the AceKard 2i? They’re supposed to be compatible with the DSi.

  5. Ray: the import DSi was fine! I played a chunk of Dragon Quest V on it last year and never had a problem. Is this something new they’ve done?

    Jess: I’m talking about legitimate reviewables issued by publishers, not piracy. I’m not going to get into the habit of dumping pre-release games. That’s a bad idea on so many levels.

  6. Explain this to me better, then. Are the companies sending you files via Email or just cartridges with the data on it? If it’s the latter I suspect that Nintendo will find some way to accommodate them.

  7. Well, it might be worse. A lot of people have been having issues with Wiis since the recent update. Disc read errors, card reading errors… fun stuff. Of course that one, unlike these others, is likely to be fixed shortly.

  8. Square always incorporates antipiracy measures in their DS games. I suppose that involves some sort of digital key that the DSi recognizes? Hopefully it’s something other publishers can adopt painlessly, and soon.

  9. has anyone seen the Louis CK clip “everything is amazing, nobody’s happy” making its way around the internetz? it’s awesome.

  10. Jeremy,

    You have to get a special type of DSi through Nintendo that cost a little extra. Developers have to do this, too, sadly. It is, to put it mildly, a huge inconvenience.

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