GameSpite Issue 13.3: The pivotal such-and-such

Final Fantasy VII: The Voice of the Planet
Let it never be said that I don’t brook dissenting opinions. Today Kishi doesn’t just offer a clement analysis of his own personal pivotal game experience, Final Fantasy VII, he goes so far as to call out my (admittedly overstated for the sake of flamebait) review. But one thing we can both agree on: Sephiroth is a really stupid villain.
Kirby’s Adventure
And then we have Loki’s look at Kirby’s color debut, which (in the tradition of his Mole Mania review) is pure love and happiness distilled into something like a review…but far more wonderful. You will become a better person for having read it. As always, there’s a lively discussion happening on Talking Time.

16 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 13.3: The pivotal such-and-such

  1. I have to give Kishi’s article extra credit for the fact that half the screen-shots are of scenes I barely remember – no small feat for something as much discussed as FFVII.

    And of course Loki is totally awesome.

  2. Great articles. I have to agree with Nomali’s take on FFVII. Yea, FFVII had problems, but what isn’t perfect in hindsight? I know so many people who never would have tried an RPG if it weren’t for FFVII’s deceptive advertizements and hardly any of them complained about being duped! Yea, it wasn’t what they expected, but they had fun and really enjoyed the game despite their contrary expectations, and I think people often overlook this fact.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the FFVII article! I’ve long been putting off condensing my own similar thoughts on the subject. Now I don’t have to, which may save me an entire evening.

  4. Wow. I admit, I had given up on the series out of disgust over all the FFVII wanking. But reading that article has done what I thought to be impossible. Disk 1 is currently sitting in my old PS1, waiting to be played again.

  5. Excellent point on Cloud’s character development, and what a disgrace it was that the sequels threw him back to “loner badass.” It kind of makes me even more annoyed with Advent Children. Great article, Kishi.

  6. Fantastic article Kashi. You’ve actually said quite a few things that have been in my head, but haven’t made their way out. I’m glad someone else remembers that the FF7 Cloud is not the same dude as the FF7Nostalgia Cloud. The FF7Nostalgia Cloud is actually more of a “Squall”.

    I do however believe I’m in the extreme minority on my view of Sepheroth. I still believe that he’s one of the better FF villans, in big part because of the way his character was able to evoke both sympathy and hatred. I think I liked Sepheroth because he felt sort of tragic. He was a hero who was manipulated and duped, to the point where he became a complete misanthropist. His pain and lonly history doesn’t negate his guilt, but it makes him a more understandable villan. Again, they sort of mucked that up by turning him into a stock demon-esque jerk in the FF7Nostalgia stuff.

  7. You know, talk of all the hype around 7 reminds me of quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever been excited about in my whole life…the whole “the third disk contains almost nothing but the ending cinematic” deal. I don’t know why I thought that was the bee knees, but boy, did I ever.

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