I stand corrected

So, uh, apparently people take exception to my taking exception to the existence of BioShock 2‘s Big Sisters, or so I assume based on the unexpected number of people who revoked their support for the site overnight. Sorry about that. Please allow me a moment to recalibrate my opinion in order to increase the site’s populist appeal.

OMG they’re like Big Daddies but GIRLS!!

I’m gonna go draw some fan art right now.

In other news, my mother recently dropped me an email to let me know that the barn attached to the house she and my father recently purchased shows signs of an owl infestation. Owls as vermin.

I take this to be another sign that Futurama is in fact a true and prescient vision of the future history of Earth.

Edit: Leave it to Norm Scott to come up with something far more terrifying than Big Sisters.

12 thoughts on “I stand corrected

  1. Sure they eat mice and rats, but if they’re hanging around, you know there are mice and rats hanging around. To make matters worse, they excrete indigestibles from all three orifices and aren’t too keen on keeping their nest clean.

    But outside of that, your parents have a parliament of owls hanging out? That seems like an upshot to me!

  2. I didn’t feel the need to mention it earlier because I just assumed everyone agreed with us, but Big Sisters, ridiculiously stupid. The whole point of the Big Daddies is to be big bulky tanks, if you make them smaller and quicker then why not just make a new enemy?

    Also who’s to say that some of the Big Daddies weren’t actually female at one point? Seems like bolting 2 tons of armor onto a person is a unisex operation, the only reason to have it different for girls is to give the most insane fans something to get off to.

  3. I’m afraid to disagree with Parish now in case he makes a separate blog post to ridicule my enthusiasms – or maybe just afraid of getting uppity and throwing a hissy over Parish’s opinions differing from mine. Which may be a good thing. Hrm.

    Also, a parliament of owls? I thought that was for Rooks. Awesome collective noun.

  4. Disagree with me all you want! Just don’t take me to task for a point of view I’ve never expressed, is all I ask.

  5. The other day the Flexo episode of Futurama was on, and I noticed the joke where the Wall Street brokers jump out of the building when the market collapses, then use jetpacks to fly back up when it recovers. When the market collapses, the Dow is still higher than it is right now.

  6. *I* revoked my support for this site because your family thinks of owls as vermin, not because of the whole Big Sister thing.

  7. I don’t consider owls to be vermin. It was just some of the ‘stuff’ left behind that was less than pleasant. I just said I think the cat who has taken up residence had probably run the owls off. And the cat is neater as it isn’t soiling his/her living area. The real vermin are smaller and squeak. At this point it’s a pretty open air barn as most of the windows are gone. we will be changing that later this spring/summer.

  8. Meh, let people say what they want, the only thing worse than the Big Sister idea is that they’re making a Bioshock 2 at all. (I get that games are made to make money and all and Bioshock was ludicrously successful, but why and how? That’s all I ask. Why and how?)

  9. Big Sisters reek of laziness. I think we all knew Bioshock 2 wasn’t a game to get too excited about the moment we learned it existed, right? The first game tied up every loose end and blew up the all-important setting. Then, Levine started working on something different and the publisher announced they were going to pimp out the new Bioshock *franchise* like Tuesday 2-piece chicken deals at KFC. So I’m not at all surprised we’re getting this Saturday morning cartoon bullshit.

    (sorry Mrs. Parish please excuse my rotten language)

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