Toasty theft?

Mark MacDonald was recently in town and delivered a jacket he found in Shibuya. I can’t decide if it’s amazing or if I should be trying to figure out who to sue:

15 thoughts on “Toasty theft?

  1. I’d get on that. I dunno what it’d count as, but you might want to build up a paper trail regarding the copyright.

  2. Cool your jets. It’s just the mascot of a light bulb company that merged with a fish processing plant. Or was that an episode of The Simpsons…?

  3. But seriously, the chances that some Japanese clothier has actually seen the mascot character of an obscure foreign website that’s barely appeared in years and decided to rip it off is pretty much zero.

  4. You’re an American…sue everyone you can think of that has even the slightest connection to the jacket.*

    *I’m joking.

  5. he bought it in Shibuya? It’s probably some limited run designer track jacket that will never be reproduced. You just made some feathery haired Japanese kids very jealous!

  6. I think the Toastyfrog Official Jacket should definitely be the next thing you mass produce and sell to fans. I mean, what I’m saying is, I want one.

  7. Man, I can’t even begin to imagine where I could have Japanese-style track jackets (which have a very distinctive construction, I’ve discovered) custom-made for a reasonable price.

  8. What does the label say? We need to know who manufactured this – not for legal purposes, but just because I’m so fascinated by it now.

  9. I thought “Obsessing Over Obscure Mascot Characters” is one of those things that Japan does best?

    At least it isn’t a Rorita x Toasty doujin.

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